President Trump just gave NATO a serious Wake Up Call

By Jim Campbell

July 11th, 2018

During the Obama administration it made no difference to him and his cabal that NATO countries were not paying for the protection they were receiving by being a member of the organization.

By contrast, President Trump understands full well that the monies used to pay the annual fees of the slacking members come directly from the taxpayer, while at the same time adding to our deficit.


To the left of this table is England’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, who is already dead at home because of her stance on Muslim immigration, is already dead.

The British Parliament hasn’t got around to slam the lid on her casket an lower into the ground. 

A fitting fate for many United States progressive politicians who continue to battle our U.S. President, Donald J.Trump who has already signed an executive order making sure that families stay together. (Source)

It makes no difference to leftist politicians that this is no longer a problem, they figure the more they keep spreading the lie, their ignorant constituents will believe it.



The American Thinker

By Monica Showalter

July 11th, 2018

NATO in tizzy after Trump tells members: ‘You gotta pay your bills’

President Trump made an impassioned speech about the United States’ generally worthless allies, the ones in NATO who promise to spend 2% of their GDP on defense and then go their merry way, spending it on padded welfare benefits for migrants instead.  

The U.S. picks up the tab for that stuff, and then Europe’s intellectuals have the nerve to deride the U.S. for its giant defense budget. 

 Amazing how that works.

Trump called them out on it in Montana yesterday. 

 Breitbart reported him saying this:

“I’m going to tell NATO, ‘You gotta start paying your bills. The United States is not going to take care of everything,'” he said to loud cheering from the crowd in Great Falls, Montana.

…and oh, what a fluttering, clucking, chicken-feather response over in the NATO coop.  Here is the top story in Mike Allen’s Axios lineup for this morning:

President Trump’s harsh blast at NATO during a rally last night in Helena, Mont., was Europeans’ worst nightmare come to life, Western diplomatic sources tell Jonathan Swan and me:

  • Trump portrayed the alliance as one-sided, transactional and bad for the U.S.
  • He seemed to suggest that U.S. military support is conditional on the Germans paying more, calling out “Angela” – the German chancellor.

The president’s views on NATO and trade are inseparable: He believes that, as he said in Montana, Americans are “the schmucks paying for the whole thing.”

  • Trump re Europe: “[T]hey kill us on trade. They kill us on other things. … [T]hey kill us with NATO. They kill us.”
  • He sees both as examples of international systems set up to screw the U.S. And now he’s going around the world with his hand out, collecting what he sees are America’s dues.

Axios includes a copy of the letter President Trump sent to Norway’s prime minister, so politely, politely, gently, and diplomatically asking the Nordic state to up its NATO commitment to the level it signed on to and then ignored.  That’s worth looking at here.

Worst nightmare?  Come to life?  A request to pay bills?  So bills are for other people to pay?  Why this is cause for outrage is amazing.

Trump asks them to pay their bills, to honor their treaty commitments, and they have a cow?  

They call it their worst nightmare come true? 

Why don’t they just say “we’re working on it” and follow through?  

Trump isn’t the hardest guy out there if someone is actually trying. 

Instead, they launch a P.R. campaign to claim that Trump doesn’t love them.

Maybe it’s time for them to consider some real nightmares, such as a Russian invasion.  

Russia isn’t just annoyed at all the land it lost in the outrageously bad deal it got in the wake of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ breakup in 1991-1992.

It’s still pretty mad about all the czarist empire it lost, too, and sometimes President Vladimir Putin waxes nostalgic for getting that stuff back. 

 This being Putin, he probably wants to best the tzars anyway.  

That should be what concentrates Europe’s minds and incentivizes these wealthy states to honor their defense commitments.

Instead, they are hollering about Trump and demanding more of the free ride they’ve always gotten.  

It’s amazing how they can imagine that the blame for this situation is on Trump. 

 Why indeed was that diplomatic correspondence, which only reflects well on Trump, released? 

Did they really think it would win hearts and minds here?  

Maybe it’s time for these childish partners to learn a few things about honoring contracts.  

Their outrage is the result of their own bad choices.




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4 Responses to President Trump just gave NATO a serious Wake Up Call

  1. Teresa says:

    President Trump, a Great American President is trying to make them pay their fair share! He’s trying to do Smart Business! Obama wanted us broke, overloaded with foreign invaders that were on our Welfare program! All sucking off the government pig! Also, the hard Left is going crazy, most likely because they can’t get their drugs! Also, they are so afraid they won’t be allowed to kill their unborn! They have gone out of their minds!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rule of Law says:

    The ECONOMIC out of balance situation has been out of control form many years. The world gats free stuff from America in many different forms.

    The Foreign Aid Programs of the United States of America have been a very significant drain on American resources. Then there is the United Nations. Then there are the many U. S. Military bases all over the world. Then America has social welfare and education programs for third world nations. The Peace Corps is one such program. Then, USA has tax incentives designed to send manufacturing plants to foreign nations by giving tax breaks to corporations that participate in these programs.. The Main Stream Media is so wrong in their propaganda about the so-called Tariff Wars. Most other nations have been charging America Tariffs for many years when America exports products to their nations – essentially these nations punish exporters who attempt to sell in their countries. Canada is one of the biggest tariff charger on American products. Cars and Alcohol appear to be the focus of many of these imbalances in Tariffs.

    Trump is attempting to level this playing field for all nations to be fair and equal. Trump is right in his concept but is being stabbed in the back by the Main Stream Media in their characterization of the situation.

    Trump is Making America Great Again and the idiots in Congress do not recognize the truth. The progressive democrats are openly fools with their threats of more and higher taxes if they get control of the Congress in the mid-term elections. Open borders is a complete farce. Mexico needs a real hard lesson about invading the USA. The same is true of the Muslim nations. In the published pictures of the so-called refugees “invading” various nations we see only males between the ages of 18 to 36.

    Meanwhile, the published reports indicates that the Muslim Nations are slaughtering all Christians inside their borders. WTF?

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