Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness seemingly have taken down another icon

By Jim Campbell

July 12th, 2018

This is America and  John Schnatter has the right under the first Amendment to say any word he chooses.

There seems to be something far more sinister that we are not being told.


Now we even have a letter for a word.  The N. word.

How about coming out and saying it, “Nigger.”

Did he shoot a black person, rape one?

Nope, he just decided he must fall on his sword.



We call it “Political Correctness.”

The name originated as something of a joke, literally in a comic strip, and we tend still to think of it as only half-serious.

In fact, it’s deadly serious.

It is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world.

It is the disease of ideology. PC is not funny. PC is deadly serious.

If we look at it analytically, if we look at it historically, we quickly find out exactly what it is.

Political Correctness is cultural Marxism. It is Marxism translated from economic into cultural terms.

It is an effort that goes back not to the 1960s and the hippies and the peace movement, but back to World War I.

If we compare the basic tenets of Political Correctness with classical Marxism the parallels are very obvious. (Source)

Papa John’s franchises over 4,700 establishments—3,500 in the U.S. and over 1,200 spread among 37 other countries and territories.(Source)

In September 2012 the 4,000th Papa John’s Pizza restaurant opened, in New Hyde Park, New York.



The company celebrated the event by giving away 4,000 free pizzas to customers throughout New York City.

Just think of what that meant in terms of jobs created, and the taxes generated.

The Papa John’s restaurant was founded in 1984 when “Papa” John Schnatter knocked out a broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern, Mick’s Lounge, in Jeffersonville, Indiana. (Source)

He then sold his 1971 Camaro Z28 to purchase US$1,600 worth of used pizza equipment and began selling pizzas to the tavern’s customers out of the converted closet. (Source)

His pizzas proved sufficiently popular that a year later he moved into an adjoining space.

Dipping sauce specifically for pizza was invented by Papa John’s Pizza that same year, so it is claimed although any number of other pizza places have historically provided pizza sauce for dipping when requested, and has since become popular when eating pizza, especially the crust.(Source)

In 2009, Schnatter reacquired the Camaro back after offering a reward of $250,000 for the car.

As of December 2016 PMQ Pizza Magazine said that the company was the third-largest take-out and pizza delivery restaurant chain in the United States.

(According to PMQ, Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain; however, it does not deliver.

Company headquarters are in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, a community within the merged government of Louisville.

Its slogan is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.”

For all intents and purposes, John Schnatter, seems like a guy that can role with the punches and seize an opportunity go grow his franchises with little problem.

Apparently he believes he had to step down after saying a word that is considered unacceptable. 

It remains to be seen how this will shake out.

I’ve grown sick and tired of the fools on the left being the arbiters of what words can be used.

The Washington Times

Gabriella Muñoz

July 12th, 2018

The founder of Papa John’s pizza chain has resigned as chairman of the board, the company announced Wednesday night.

John Schnatter had apologized earlier in their day for using a racial slur in the context of quoting other people’s supposed use of it.

In a statement Wednesday evening, the company “announced that the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation of John H. Schnatter as Chairman of the Board.”



Mr. Schnatter already had resigned earlier this year as CEO of the chain, which he built into a national powerhouse, over a sponsorship quarrel with the NFL over the national anthem protests and Papa John’s dipping sales.

But on Wednesday, Mr. Schnatter acknowledged as true a report that he had used the n-word in a conference call in May.

When asked how to distance himself from racist groups, he replied “Colonel Sanders called blacks n—s” but never had repercussions.

In his statement to Forbes magazine, which broke the conversation, John Schnatter said that “news reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true.”

Anonymous sources also told Forbes that Mr. Schnatter described racism in his hometown and gave explicit examples of violence blacks faced, which offended some people.

“Regardless of the context, I apologize.

Simply stated, racism has no place in our society,” his statement added.

The furor over the use of the slur was already costing the pizza chain, heavily involved with the major-league sports leagues, before the late-night announcement.

According to Yahoo Sports, Major League Baseball indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion in which the league dubbed each Grand Slam a “Papa Slam” and let baseball fans use an online code to get 40 percent off a Papa John’s order the next day.

The company said Olivia Kirtley will take over as “lead independent director” and the company will appoint a new chairman “in the coming weeks.”

According to NBC News, Mr. Schnatter also resigned Wednesday from his vice chairman post on the University of Louisville Board of Trustees.



About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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2 Responses to Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness seemingly have taken down another icon

  1. Rule of Law says:

    Just another step into the world of controlled speech! Free Speech appears to be dead!

    Just how did America become so sensitive? Where are the sense of humor police. WTF?


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