Poll of Registered Voters Signals Top Dem Candidates for 2020

By Jim Campbell

June 30th, 2018

While its clear that a single poll ore survey is virtually meaningless, it would seem that those below are on to something.

Yes, the DNC has no one of substance to run for the presidency in 2020 with the exception of the tired word retreads and blow outs below.

To avoid further embarrassment, they must consider running none listed and continue stirring the chum barrel

A Harvard CAPS/Harris’s June poll of registered Democrat voters on their preference of candidates for 2020 is sure to have President Donald Trump smiling, and doesn’t do much for the image of the party that claims to be all about diversity and stuff.

Here’s the voters list of their favorites in reverse order:



Coming in at # 4 is Senator Lizzy Warren, aka Princess Spreading Bull. Age 69. Public servant, former alleged Indian college professor.

Favorite of  lily-white elitist northeast liberal Democrats who consider themselves experts on knowing how other people should run their lives.

Known to be delusional and ethnically challenged. A shrill voiced enthusiastic advocate for almost all left-wing causes.

Obviously hasn’t received the memo from the progressive wing of the party that old white people are the enemy, or from The New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Told CNN earlier this year, “I am not running for president in 2020.” Praying for a “Draft Lizzy Campaign”


Will this fool ever figure out that nothing is free?

Without his plan of free everything he would have no serious followers among those who believe everything should be free.

At # 3 on the list is Senator Curmudgeon, Bernie Sanders. Aged 76. Sounds like a commie, pretends to be a socialist. Anti-Deodorant Choice Activist and Orgasm Proponent.

Failed Presidential candidate. Ran afoul of the Clinton Political Machine but somehow got away with his life.

Could have been Champ, but wound up a loser. Leached off the public sector entire life, now a millionaire and real estate investor.

Greatest life achievement –  getting tens of thousands of millennials to send him $20.

Viva La Revolution!



At #2 is her majesty herself, former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Aged 70.

Ever increasing angry left leaning political philosophy.

Rose from the gutter to make history as the First women to lose a presidential contest. Head of The Clinton Crime Family Foundation, expert grifter, enabler of a sexual deviant husband, grandmother and walking postmenopausal health disaster.

Hillary has yet to understand that she can’t win because she is a pathological liar and hateful harridan.

People who haven’t been drinking her Kool Aide avoid her like the plague.

Known for her poise under enemy gunfire, as well as ability to bore to the entire English-speaking world with her “It’s everybody’s fault but mine I lost” book tour.

Well known for her shrill speaking style that has been known to give some attendees severe intestinal distress and/or headaches.

Mother of one daughter, rumored to have been fathered by Howdy-Doody.



Words have consequences and known groper



Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Aged 75.
Favored by 32 percent of respondents. Comedian, former Court Jester of the Obama White House.

Rumored to believe that he actual thought he was Vice President.

Let’s just refer to him as Robin!

Served in the US Senate where he was most known as the guy who rode the train to Delaware all the time and has a train station named after him.

Politics are centrist/left leaning.

Deep Thinker, tenacious debater, a man of the people, foreign policy expert, fearless warrior, and a great administration spokesman. Run Joe, Run!

And keep running while you are at it!

Thank You MJA for the Linkage!~




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