The Left Isn’t Pro-Choice: They’re Pro-Force

By Jim Campbell

June 29th, 2018

The best thin that can happen to Maxine Waters is for her to be buried in a toxic landfill, preferably when she’s alive.

She has proved once again like others of her brothers and sisters that it’s possible to come straight from the jungle to the Congressional Black Caucus.

As with abortion, the left doesn’t care about choice.

Their minority leader in the Senate, Chuck U. Schumer needs to be taken out behind the barn and beat severely about the head and shoulders.



Schumer is making a nice living off of royalties being the U.S. Senate’s icon for the “Hair Club, Plugs,” for men.  All of course paid for by the U.S. Taxpayer.


God what an idiot.

Where else besides CA and NY could he continually be elected?

It’s a facade to mask their real agenda: the forced acceptance of their will.

They will not stop until everyone falls in lockstep with their worldviews, their mandates, and their bullying laws.




Louder with Crowder

Courtney Kirchoff 

June 29, 2018

The left won the abortion argument when they called their movement “choice.” Because who isn’t for choice?
A well-executed marketing ploy, a slight of hand to distract from what abortion actually is. t was a ruse.

Not empowerment for women.

Not choice.

But a Democrat Party cash cow.

A ringing till every time an unborn baby’s heart beats its last.

The left’s modus operandi is always to distract from what it really is.

It projects itself as a bastion of tolerance, care, love, and above all else, the freedom to choose.

To choose what to do “with your own body.”

To choose “whom you want to love.”

To choose “how you might live.”

Laws which typically crumble when faced with Constitutional scrutiny.

Hence the left’s cowering in fear a Constitutionalist judge might replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

We’ve had two examples of the left losing its noodle just this week, as the Supreme Court ruled in favor of choice in two cases.

One, ruling in favor of pro-life, crisis pregnancy centers, stating the centers didn’t have to advertise for abortion against their will.

Two, that unions cannot mandate union dues for federal employees.

Giving employees the choice to join the union, or not to join the union.

A terrible blow, though, to thuggish unions who can no longer just take dues from paychecks.

Which they then channel back into Democrat coffers.

It is the left, not the right, who calls for single-payer healthcare.

Forcing taxpayers to pay the healthcare costs for everyone else.

Even those people who do not pay taxes.


Please see the entire article below.


It is the left, not the right, demanding taxpayers pay for “free college for all.”Forcing taxpayers to fund college for little mushed-brained students to earn some degree at a likely leftist university.It’s the left, not the right, who opposes school choice.Forcing families, usually middle class and the poor, to send their children to public schools instead of a private schools of their choice.It is the left, not the right, who sues private businesses which decline to serve gay weddings.While the same left advises businesses refuse to cater to Trump’s administrators and/or supporters.

Watch Maxine Waters Demands Trump Supporters be Harassed/Attacked. Which the left took to heart.

Watch Maxine Waters’ Most Stupid Drones Harasses Mitch McConnell at His Home.

If you, on the right, dare oppose any of the left’s propositions, you’re first labeled (Nazi is the on-trend brand), and in some cases, a leftist mob is sicced on you, courtesy of what’s becoming the mainstream left.

We’re seeing more and more examples of the left shedding their pretenses and just going straight to mob tactics and violence.I’m grateful for their transparency.Don’t misunderstand, I’m not glad for the mainstreaming of third-world barbarism.But I’m grateful they’re no longer pretending to be about sewing accord.I’d say we need to expose the left for the violent trolls they are, but they’re doing a bang-up job all on their own. But like Steven says in the video below, it is time to confront the left for the violent, hateful mob they are. 

Written by Courtney Kirchoff




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