More proof that what Nancy Pelosi knows about any thing could fit in a sewing thimble used by a midget

By Jim Campbell

June 29th, 2018

It’s time, make that well past time that former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi must seek a neurologist and receive a C,T, scan of the brain.


This is just one od Pelosi’s woeful presentations with the cameras running and the flood lamps in place.



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WHAT’S WRONG WITH NANCY? Pelosi trips over ‘soy beans,’ asks a reporter to ‘repoot’ question


A simple X-Ray could reveal this.















While on a more extensive work up, metastatic brain tumors can be found.



The American Mirror

By Kyle Olson

June 29, 2018

What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

As the noose seems to be tightening on her prospects to return to party power after the November elections, the House Minority Leader stumbled over words, suffered brain freezes and stared at reporters during a Thursday press conference.



“Last week, soy bean futures hit a nine-year low,” Pelosi told reporters.

“Soy boyn— soy bean futures hit a nine-year low,” she repeated, attempting to pronounce the words clearly, accentuating each one with a pointed finger.



“Pork producers, corn growers and wheat growers are reeling, too,” she said before suffering a brain freeze, staring at reporters and finally saying.

“And that’s so far this week.”

Perhaps if she remains alive she has a future in teaching Economics as an ivy league university.

What’s one more economics professor when it comes to leading young minds astray?



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4 Responses to More proof that what Nancy Pelosi knows about any thing could fit in a sewing thimble used by a midget

  1. 1dragon says:

    I would say she is as dumb as a rock but that would be an insult to rocks.


  2. 1dragon says:

    Reblogged this on Socialism is not the Answer.


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