Democrats turn to Hollywood for messaging help

By Jim Campbell

June 12th, 2018

Most noted for not being able to pull off the Oscars or the Grammy’s without screwing the pooch, this is who the DNC as defaulted to for their message?

It could have been worse, they could have hired the fat chick with the pants suit to explain what went wrong in the last presidential election.



Claiming they elected a mad man, which they likely didn’t as they would not likely have voted for candidate Trump and only be “Trumped,” by today’s finding that the clinically insane Actor Alex Baldwin might run for office and kick Trumps ass.



Alex going off on a paparazzi who is just trying to make a living,  he must pay huge amounts of money for battery to buy them off and avoid time in the slammer. 

Said mostly in tongue in cheek, there is something in this fruit cake that would wake him to be ruler of the free world.

There are numerous video’s showing Baldwin going crazy, I chose not to post them,

How much of this maniac do we really need to see?

Fortunately his future roles will be limited to mimicking the president on SNL



Because Killing Babies and Taking Away Constitutional Rights
Isn’t Enough of a Winning Message. 

While DJT is in Singapore negotiating World Peace, Hollywood Liberals trying desperately to remain relevant are yelling F*ck Trump on national television.

They can’t seem to do the math…..but messaging is their business. What could go wrong?



The vast majority of movies and TV shows are mediocre or flops, but by all means enlist those “creative” people responsible for so much failure to mold the Democratic Party message.

That the DNC really thinks anyone or anything in Hollywood will be helpful in delivering votes just shows how elitist and out of touch they are.

America has begun rejecting the celebrity echo chamber novice political opinion, and if democrats are hanging their hopes on Hollywood delivering voters with flowery worded posters and thinly veiled TV propaganda, they will continue their slide into chaotic irrelevancy. Carry On!

The arrangement draws not only on Hollywood’s stable of liberal-leaning celebrities, but also on the industry’s creative expertise, which Democrats have traditionally been slower to exploit. | Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo

LOS ANGELES — The Democratic National Committee and members of Congress are turning to Hollywood for help with voter turnout and messaging ahead of the midterm elections and 2020 presidential campaign, quietly consulting with a group of actors, writers and producers here.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez, several House members and other top elected officials have already met with the group, formed by members of the entertainment industry in the wake of the 2016 election, that participants liken to a TV writers’ room, complete with producers of such programs as “Veep.”

The existence of the group and details of the meetings have not been previously reported.

The group has discussed targeted voter-registration programs with visiting Democrats, as well as the party’s framing of issues ranging from abortion rights to gun control. In one recent meeting, a Midwestern senator sought advice about how to discuss gun control with conservative-leaning voters in his or her state, multiple participants said.

Participants declined to identify the senator or other elected officials who have visited.

“We’re a messaging strike force, mostly around voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts,” said Mathew Littman, a former Joe Biden speechwriter who helped to organize the group with Stephanie Daily Smith, a political consultant based in Los Angeles.







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1 Response to Democrats turn to Hollywood for messaging help

  1. JAFC says:

    Until the Demos have a centrist platform that the country agrees with, all their attempts to gold-plate their ideological turds and sell them as fine art will come to naught.


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