Australian Muslims Request: No nude sunbathing in respect for Ramadan

By Jim Campbell

June 11, 2018

Bondi Beach

Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach sports a sweeping, kilometer-long curve of golden sand, between two headlands, lashed by surf waves.



What makes this Eastern Beaches wonder even more unusual is it’s an urban affair, combining swimming and surfing with big-city buzz.

This is heaven for surfers, swimmers, and sunbathers.


It’s also the starting point for the scenic six-kilometer Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk.

Even on crowded summer weekends you’ll find a spot on the shore or lawns fringing the beach (there are barbecues at the northern reserve).

People love jogging barefoot on the sand or along the street art-lined esplanade. Bondi’s hip boutiques, centered on Gould Street, offer stylish shopping.

At Bondi beach, Australia, Muslims request no bikini’s during Ramadan.

Why are they there?

Because they are perverts and enjoy the show.



So the Aussie women reply with…..



As luck would have it, on my last visit there our hosts thought it would be a great idea to visit the place.

It’s highly overrated, nothing left to the imagination with lot’s of older and people on the plump sided destroying the view.



I was about 35 at the time and thinking this was going to be fun.



Then again, it could have been the 100 proof Bundaberg Rum we were drinking.

The trip was a trip of a lifetime, our hosts had their own aircraft and we covered over 2280 mile to places most Aussies had never heard of.

Ever heard of the Lightening Ridge Bowling Club established in the 1800’a?

Not to worry neither has anyone else.

I asked a bloke, where’s the bowling alleys, he replied we haven’t got around to putting them in yet.



Opal mining for precious stones can be found almost anywhere in the out back.

We went to Ayers Rock  the name of the one we visited, as in climbed down in the shafts and dug our own opals was indeed another experience.


I brought home a small bottle of them for my X-wife. I still have them.

There is no census, people keep to themselves.

No judges, or juries, just screw up, usually theft in the mind of the other miners and down the shaft you go.

Opal miners carry their find in small fishing tackle boxes or in kangaroo testicle pouches.

All of them carried guns like in the days of the old west.

Damn I should have bought one.

How about the Birdsville Pub?


Well now they have gone all uppity on me on me, when I was there and it was in the middle of absolutely no where, it had six rooms, not hotel rooms, just rooms.


Alice Springs, Northern Territory each July those so inclined participate in this race.






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8 Responses to Australian Muslims Request: No nude sunbathing in respect for Ramadan

  1. Paula says:

    Assholes! They are offended by nudes on the beach or bikinis…BUT they kill each other during ram-a-damn. Disgusting POS.


  2. Pamela says:

    So, Muslims are dictating beach policy in Australia now? What does nude sunbathing have to do with Ramadan anyway?


  3. thomas smith says:

    Uh, you do know the picture is fake, right? It was taken in MOROCCO, you fucking idiots!


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