I did it to protect the presidency

By Jim Campbell

June 4th, 2018

Internationally known lounge  lizard, lothario and alleged rapist, (Source) the man who is aptly called “Slick,” is one ore thing.

If the reader believes the title of this article has any semblance with  reality, quickly pick up the phone and dial 1-800 OU812, operators are ready to ship,  C.O.D. the Brooklyn Bridge directly to your abode.  No returns please, this is a one time offer.



He may be one of our countries greatest wordsmiths as he demonstrates clearly below.

Impeached by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, but was found not guilty by the United States Senate controlled by the same.



Clinton’s escapades let a far greater on the stain of the office of the presidency that that which could be found on Monica’s blue dress.

Clinton claims he payed millions of dollars to settle his sophomoric behavior.

That number is highly questionable.


(Photo By Getty Images)


There is evidence that “Slick settled the Paula Jones case for $850,000 an amount that she would have been able to like quite nicely back in the day. (Source)



Like his wife, he lies and continues to lie to coverup the lies he has said before.

If there is justice in our judicial system Bill Clinton will go to prison with Hillary and possibly Chelsea for their parts in the Clinton Crime Foundation.



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