Inside story on what really happened the evening of the attack on the CIA annex called Benghazi

By Jim Campbell

May 31, 2018

Less than a mile from the consulate, in a Central Intelligence Agency complex called the Annex, Kris Paronto said he and his colleagues prepared to engage the enemy on Sept. 11, 2012.

However, protecting the ambassador and the consulate wasn’t part of his  job assignment.

What do you call a man who would after many tours of duty go back as a military contractor, leaving a beautiful wife behind, understanding if he were injured or killed our federal government would not pay for his injuries or in the event of death transport back to the U.S. for burial?

Crazy? A man with a death wish? How about a patriot and hero?



As he states below when anyone from the U.S. were to get into problems with the bad guys they would come to their aid.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama must be held responsible for their failure to respond to this tragedy.

They didn’t send help because they knew who long the attack on the annex was to be?

Just thinking out loud on the above statement, but what else could have been their reason?

Hillary Clinton has alleged to have been duplicitous is so many other murders back to her time as first lady in Arkansas, here usual combat would be appropriate for her to use.

“At this point what difference does it make?”

Remember one of the ads team Hillary ran during a delusional attempt to run again for presidency in which the question was asked, “Who will answer the phone in the  White House at 3:A.M” (Source)

Hillary, likely drunk, failed to answer the bell.

Obviously none to her though many in the U.S. would like to have hers last conscious thought be the sound of her neck breaking as she fall through the floor of the gallows with a rope around her neck.



Paronto was part of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012, helping to save nearly two dozen lives during the siege for over 13 hours.​

Most have their own feeling about Hillary, that is if they have any feeling at all about here.

If you desire to see exactly what an arrogant bitch she actually is, please don’t miss the video below.



Hillary gets absolutely hammered by CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, predictably she lies and obfuscates.

Asked last September how the average American could keep him/herself and their family safe, he replied, “Training is absolutely critical for self-defense. Under stress, you are always going to resort to your highest level of training.

Just going out and purchasing a firearm will be of little help if you don’t have the repetition and stress induced by good training.(S0urce)



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