UPDATE: History of Hate Crimes in America

By Jim Campbell

May 31, 2018

It’s no surprise that political correctness started first in the leftist bastions of hate and political correctness on the left coast.

What follows is information on this topic that will likely cause the reader to pause while for the first time having a serious understanding about that which they did not know.

Hate crimes are a liberal insult and blight on American History.

They can’t be enforced and as such must be stricken from the rule of law.



The term “hate crime” was coined in the 1980s by journalists and policy advocates who were attempting to describe a series of incidents directed at Jews, Asians and African-Americans.

What they were actually doing was pandering to progressive politicians who wanted to feed fresh raw meat to the leftist media to help continue pandering to the leftest water carriers for their cause in the media.



Reading between the lines:

**If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offense but the victim OR ANYONE ELSE believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate”WE WOULD CLASSIFY THAT AS A HATE INCIDENT.”

Pause:  Let the above sink in.

In other words a person can be hauled before a grand jury when an actual crime is committed but essentially be charged with two crimes for the one crime committed.

Don’t bother looking that one up, it’s not in the U.S. Constitution.

Hate crimes legislation are an offshoot of cultural Marxism and the fascist dictator Adolf Hitler who used children in his “Hitler Youth Program,” to spy on their parents. (Source)


Hitler Youth parade circa 1936; Universal History Archive


The kids of course were supposed to turn their parents in for the “Greater good of the Reich.”



As non-revisionist history has shown us, Hitler and his followers didn’t do that well against U.S. and allied forces.

History is written by the victors not the vanquished.

Two black guys that get it, below.



The National Institute of Justice

Awards won by the National Institute of Justice (Source)

The federal government funds the National Institute of Justice. (Source)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines hate crime (also known as bias crime) as “a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin.”

Washington and Oregon were the first states to pass hate crime legislation in 1981; today, 49 states have hate crime statutes.

States vary with regard to the groups protected under hate crime laws (e.g., religion, race or ethnicity, and sexual orientation), the range of crimes covered, and the penalty enhancements for offenders.

Most states and large cities now have hate crime task forces coordinating across several levels of government and working with community organizations.

In reality only twelve states have such legislation.

Uneven Data Collection Makes Estimating Prevalence Difficult

Accurate estimates of the prevalence of hate crime remain elusive because of differences in data collection efforts across jurisdictions.

In addition to varying state definitions, differences in law enforcement training, statistical reporting provisions and attitudes toward hate crime as a legitimately separate class of crime all make it harder for law enforcement and researchers to establish the scope of the problem.

Reporting under the Hate Crime Statistic Act

In 1990, Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistics Act, which required the U.S. Department of Justice to acquire crime data from law enforcement agencies and publish an annual summary of findings.

The FBI led a coordinated effort to collect hate crime data via the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system.

In 2008, law enforcement agencies voluntarily reported 6,598 single-bias hate crime incidents (involving 7,775 offenses, 8,322 victims, and 6,219 known offenders) to the FBI.

Almost half (48.5 percent) were racially motivated and 19.7 percent were motivated by religious bias.

Bias against sexual orientation and ethnicity or national origin accounted for another 18.5 percent and 11.8 percent, respectively.

Victimization Survey Reports Higher Numbers

Estimates from victim interviews reported as part of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) far exceed the numbers reported by police agencies in the URC.

NCVS indicates that approximately 191,000 hate crime incidents occur annually.

Results from victim interviews indicate that only 44 percent of victimizations were reported to the police.

***Only about 20 percent of these were validated by law enforcement as bias related.

Immigrants as Victims

In late 2009, NIJ was tasked by Congress to “evaluate trends in hate crimes against new immigrants, individuals who are perceived to be immigrants, and Hispanic-Americans, and to assess the underlying causes behind any increase in hate crimes against such groups.”

Of course 2009 was the year that Obama and his cabal along with then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi passed this legislation. (Source)

Sadly, the under educated electorate in the United States will forget the past and allow these vipers to eventually return to the majority.





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