President Trump Signs into law The Right To Try Act giving patients with terminal diseases, more options

By Jim Campbell

May 30th, 2018


RIGHT TO TRY: Congress passed the Right to Try Act of 2017, sending a priority bill to President Donald J. Trump for his signature.


It would be nice to know who the democrats that didn’t vote for this bill are.

Here is a listing of the usual suspects that voted against this legislation from the left. (Source)

Face it folks, as long as the addled mind of Nancy Pelosi still has her usual followers, the Republic is in danger.

As usual, it’s a case of follow the money, and here are the special interest involved (Source)

This servers as further proof that the lives progressives are concerned about are the ones they intend to abort.



  • The bill amends Federal law to allow certain unapproved, experimental drugs to be administered to terminally ill patients who have exhausted all approved treatment options and are unable to participate in clinical drug trials.


  • Eligible drugs must have undergone the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Phase I (safety) testing.
  • The bill requires any manufacturer or sponsor of an eligible investigational drug to report to the FDA on any use of the drug on a “Right to Try.” 
    • The FDA will post an annual summary report of “Right to Try” use on its website.
  • The bill limits the liability of drug sponsors, manufacturers, prescribers, or dispensers that provide or decline to provide an eligible investigational drug to an eligible patient.

A RIGHT TO LIFE: Right to try legislation returns treatment decisions back to patients, giving them the right to make healthcare choices that could save their lives.

  • “Right to Try” gives the over 1 million Americans who die from a terminal illness every year a new tool to fight and make potentially lifesaving decisions about their treatment.
    • According to the National Cancer Institute, an estimated 609,640 Americans will die from cancer alone in 2018.



  • Prior to this legislation, options for terminally patients who had exhausted all treatment options were extremely limited:
    • Many terminally ill patients were considered too sick for clinical trials of new medication. In fact, only 3 percent of cancer patients today are enrolled in clinical trials.
    • The FDA’s “compassionate use” application is complicated and time-consuming, resulting in only about 1,200 approved applications per year.
  • With President Trump’s signature the Federal government joins with 40 States that have approved the right of terminally ill patients to try potentially lifesaving drugs.

MAKING HEALTHCARE WORK FOR AMERICANS: Every day, President Trump is working to fix America’s broken healthcare system and return healthcare decisions to individuals.

  • On May 11, 2018, the President issued his blueprint to lower prescription drug prices, taking action to put American patients first.
  • President Trump has signed multiple Executive Orders and approved new funding to target the scourge of opioid abuse and is taking the fight to drug abuse across the Nation.
  • In March 2018, President Trump’s Administration released the President’s plan to put patients back in charge of their own health information.
  • President Trump is putting healthcare decisions back into the hands of Americans by repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate, ending the healthcare rationing board, and providing more affordable options outside of Obamacare.






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