Why there will never be a solution for mass shootings at schools or anywhere else

By Jim Campbell

May 29th, 2018

Harsh as the headline sounds it’s true, give it some thought after reading the article below.

How many ideas have been proposed by both the left and the right on this problem?

The left’s answer is to ban rifles “That look like military style rifles.”

Of course there is the old standby:


Note: have not saved a single person at a school yet.

Which of course has only added to the problem.

Nancy Pelosi, when trapped by a senior at the high school in Santa Fe, Texas where the most recent shooting occurred said Congress had allotted 1.8 billion for single entry entrances at schools so that a person carrying a shot gun could not get inside the school.



Atypically, the talking head at CNN piled on.

Nancy Pelosi will never be considered the sharpest kid in the sand box.

If a nut job is going to kill students or people any where, why not shoot them when school is out and they are leaving?

No solution to that is there?


Further evidence that the left is all show and no go.

When they opine, they do so to hear the sounds of their own voices.

Would we prefer bombs, be they pipe or of the car bomb variety?

Arming teachers?

Raising the age to purchase a gun.

Make punishments more severe so the would be assassin would think twice before doing so.

More control over the video game industry.

It’s been shown that these games will be turning out future generations “Top Gun,” Fighter pilots.



School killers don’t bet the farm on it.

Invest in mental health & detection of early signs of at-risk children.

A clear violation of the 4th Amendment and physicians have an oath to protect their patients unless one actually tells them that they are planning to kill people.

Also a violation of AAFP, The Doctor Patient Confidentiality Act. (Source)

I believe it is safe to suggest that the progressives in Congress care more about cutting profile and making speeches than the life of the children for whom they shed their crocodile tears.





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9 Responses to Why there will never be a solution for mass shootings at schools or anywhere else

  1. Pamela says:

    While there is absolutely no excuse for what these young male shooters did, I strongly believe that being subjected to constant bullying in one form or another might have contributed to their actions. Both Nicholas Cruz and Dimitrios Pagourtzis were alienated from their peers and known to many as loners in their schools. Cruz’s family, neighbors, the local police, and even the FBI were aware of his troubling behavior and yet no one tried to intervene in his life until it was too late. It seems that Pagourtzis, who reportedly wore a black trench coat and tee-shirts that said, “Born To Kill” almost every day at school targeted students whom “he didn’t like.” Could these fellow students have been some of his daily tormentors? Many public schools across America seem to be making a big deal about bullying and yet, it seems to me that if the victims are not part of some protected minority group like African-American, Hispanic, Muslim, or gay, the school authorities tend to look in the other direction.


    • JCscuba says:

      The only problem with you position is that the medical profession can’t turn in wack jobs, it’s also a violation of the 4th Amendment. Thanks for your comments. jim


  2. GG says:

    Gun grabbers in the uniparty dont want to find logical solutions to anything they can
    throw money at, and pretend they’ve done something noble.
    After all, the Globalists/Deep state knows better than us, right? Chisling away at our
    2nd Amendment, restricting use of, and removing guns from law abiding citizens, does nothing, nor will it ever be a deterrent to individuals who intend to kill.
    For decades, American Culture has rotted from within. I won’t list the well know reasons American culture is in decline b/c most readers here know all to well eaxh one. Removing God from public places, and the rise of secularism, are two of the biggest reasons there is a hige swath of US citizenry who has no moral compass.
    A return to restoring God to His rightful place in the USA, and world,
    would be a good place to start. The cure starts in the home with parents teaching their
    children to be responsible people, and hold them accountable so society doesnt have to.
    I personally suspect these mass shootings are False Flags, or largely so, kids somehow
    being programmed to carey out the unconsciouable attacks so the gun grabbing Ghouls in Govt. will have reason to continue their relentless quest to disarm America.


  3. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  4. Joe says:

    You are right on Jim! Keep up the great commentary!


  5. Stealth General says:

    You’ve addressed this many times before from different perspectives and you are right on each time, Jim! WE know that guns are not the problem, but the way PEOPLE abuse and disrespect the laws is the real issue. The only thing I agree with the leftists on is that guns are easy to get. What? Yes, if you are criminal acting or thinking, guns can be had from anywhere. There ARE bad people in this world.

    What about people who are not criminals but have a history of questionable behavior be it medical or radical? For the most part there are existing laws and existing background checks. The problem may be the lack of enforcement of existing laws – and that is a bipartisan issue.

    Members of the leftist political groups say that I should not be able to own a weapon even though I am highly trained in how to keep and use weapons. However, because I am a veteran I am labeled by the left as a potential terrorist to my country. Silly isn’t it? While these politicians and activists are trying to take away our right to defend ourselves from all factions of civilian and government misdoings, THEY remain armed or protected by armed bodyguards. Why? Are they better than we? Hell no, they are hypocrites!

    Shootings in schools or any other public place is a travesty. In most cases they could be avoided by common sense, being prepared for it, and through the enforcement of existing laws. Guns, even under our existing laws needn’t be available to those who MAY abuse them. Common sense and a willingness to do the right thing for society would keep the guns away from those who are obviously candidates for abuse or being outright criminals.

    And, while we all worry about safety in schools (or any other public place) as it relates to gun violence, it is proven that statically deaths through intentional abuse of firearms is FAR less than, abortions, medical mistakes, homicide by other implements, or even automobile accidents.

    But do you get the picture? The common element here is PEOPLE. Until people start acting sensibly about who should not have firearms and take steps to help those people, schools and other public places will always be ripe for sensational events. Besides, the media loves it!

    Just leave me and the millions of other law-abiding citizens alone and let us properly care for and use any firearm that suits our fancy. On the other hand, if we abuse that right prosecute us to the fullest extent of the law!


    • JCscuba says:

      Absolutely honored to have the General’s in depth reply.

      He served our country in Vietnam as well as in very dark places that will not be mentioned here. Thanks again General Wood, your service to our country is greatly respected.

      Liked by 1 person

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