Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes

By Jim Campbell

May 18, 2018

Obama had one last shot at entering into arrangement allowing Iran to continue to develop their nuclear enrichment program.(Source)

Of course he took it.

As expected he rounded up the usual Democrat/progressive/socialist/Marxists to get the votes he required to pull it off.

This article was written three years ago and its no secret that Democrat voters have simply no clue when it comes to electing their representatives who will represent their best interests.



Of course, President Trump withdrew earlier this year from the “Iranian Nuke deal,” further undermining Obama’s legacy.

In 2018 as we still are immersed in wars over the glove that Obama did nothing to stop.

By the time President Trump is finished with Obama’s legacy the only question that will remain in the distant future will be, “Who the Hell is/was Obama?

The Democrats are becoming a party of atom bomb spies.

It’s time that these idiots who voted in said representatives are replaced.

Front Page Magszine

Daniel Greenfield

August 25, 2015

Senator Markey has announced his support for the Iran deal that will let the terrorist regime inspect its own Parchin nuclear weapons research site, conduct uranium enrichment, build advanced centrifuges, buy ballistic missiles, fund terrorism and have a near zero breakout time to a nuclear bomb.

A complete listing of the Democrats who supported this idiotic arrangement. (Source)

There was no surprise there.

Markey had topped the list of candidates supported by the Iran Lobby.

And the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC) had maxed out its contributions to his campaign.


Senator Al Franken (D-MN) appears Washington DC. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for

After more fake suspense, Al Franken, another IAPAC backed politician who also benefited from Iran Lobby money, came out for the nuke sellout. (Bull Shit Alert: Source)



Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Iran Lobby’s third Dem senator, didn’t bother playing coy like her colleagues.

She came out for the deal a while back even though she only got half the IAPAC cash that Franken and Markey received.

As did Senator Gillibrand, who had benefited from IAPAC money back when she first ran for senator and whose position on the deal should have come as no surprise.

The Iran Lobby had even tried, and failed, to turn Arizona Republican Jeff Flake.

Iran Lobby cash had made the White House count on him as the Republican who would flip, but Flake came out against the deal.

The Iran Lobby invested a good deal of time and money into Schumer, but that effort also failed.



Still these donations were only the tip of the Iran Lobby iceberg.

Please see the entire article below.


Gillibrand had also picked up money from the Iran Lobby’s Hassan Nemazee. Namazee was Hillary’s national campaign finance director who had raised a fortune for both her and Kerry before pleading guilty to a fraud scheme encompassing hundreds of millions of dollars. Nemazee had been an IAPAC trustee and had helped set up the organization.

Bill Clinton had nominated Hassan Nemazee as the US ambassador to Argentina when he had only been a citizen for two years.  A spoilsport Senate didn’t allow Clinton to make a member of the Iran Lobby into a US ambassador, but Nemazee remained a steady presence on the Dem fundraising circuit.

Nemazee had donated to Gillibrand and had also kicked in money to help the Franken Recount Fund scour all the cemeteries for freshly dead votes, as well as to Barbara Boxer, who also came out for the Iran nuke deal. Boxer had also received money more directly from IAPAC.

In the House, the Democratic recipients of IAPAC money came out for the deal. Mike Honda, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Iran Lobby backed the nuke sellout. As did Andre Carson, Gerry Connolly, Donna Edwards and Jackie Speier. The Iran Lobby was certainly getting its money’s worth.

But the Iran Lobby’s biggest wins weren’t Markey or Shaheen. The real victory had come long before when two of their biggest politicians, Joe Biden and John Kerry, had moved into prime positions in the administration. Not only IAPAC, but key Iran Lobby figures had been major donors to both men.

That list includes Housang Amirahmadi, the founder of the American Iranian Council, who had spoken of a campaign to “conquer Obama’s heart and mind” and had described himself as “the Iranian lobby in the United States.” It includes the Iranian Muslim Association of North America (IMAN) board members who had fundraised for Biden. And it includes the aforementioned Hassan Nemazee.

A member of Iran’s opposition had accused Biden’s campaigns of being “financed by Islamic charities of the Iranian regime based in California and by the Silicon Iran network.” Biden’s affinity for the terrorist regime in Tehran was so extreme that after 9/11 he had suggested, “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran”.

Appeasement inflation has since raised that $200 million to at least $50 billion. But there are still no strings worth mentioning attached to the big check.

Questions about donations from the Iran Lobby had haunted Kerry’s campaign. Back then Kerry had been accused of supporting an agreement favorable to Iran. The parameters of that controversial proposal however were less generous than the one that Obama and Kerry are trying to sell now.

The hypothetical debates over the influence of the Iran Lobby have come to a very real conclusion.

Both of Obama’s secretaries of state were involved in Iran Lobby cash controversies, as was his vice president and his former secretary of defense. Obama was also the beneficiary of sizable donations from the Iran Lobby. Akbar Ghahary, the former co-founder of IAPAC, had donated and raised some $50,000 for Obama.

It’s an unprecedented track record that has received very little notice. While the so-called “Israel Lobby” is constantly scrutinized, the fact that key foreign policy positions under Obama are controlled by political figures with troubling ties to an enemy of this country has gone mostly unreported by the mainstream media.

This culture of silence allowed the Iran Lobby to get away with taking out a full-page ad in the New York Times before the Netanyahu speech asking, “Will Congress side with our President or a Foreign Leader?”

Iran’s stooges had taken a break from lobbying for ballistic missiles to play American patriots.

Obama and his allies, Iranian and domestic, have accused opponents of his dirty Iran deal of making “common cause” with that same terror regime and of treason. The ugly truth is that he and his political accomplices were the traitors all along.

Democrats in favor of a deal that will let a terrorist regime go nuclear have taken money from lobbies for that regime. They have broken their oath by taking bribes from a regime whose leaders chant, “Death to America”. Their pretense of examining the deal is nothing more than a hollow charade.

This deal has come down from Iran Lobby influenced politicians like Kerry and is being waved through by members of Congress who have taken money from the Iran Lobby. That is treason plain and simple.

Despite what we are told about its “moderate” leaders, Iran considers itself to be in a state of war with us. Iran and its agents have repeatedly carried out attacks against American soldiers, abducted and tortured to death American officials and have even engaged in attacks on American naval vessels.

Aiding an enemy state in developing nuclear weapons is the worst form of treason imaginable. Helping put weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists is the gravest of crimes.

The Democrats who have approved this deal are turning their party into a party of atom bomb spies.

Those politicians who have taken money from the Iran Lobby and are signing off on a deal that will let Iran go nuclear have engaged in the worst form of treason and committed the gravest of crimes. They must know that they will be held accountable. That when Iran detonates its first bomb, their names will be on it.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.






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I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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2 Responses to Traitor Senators Took Money from Iran Lobby, Back Iran Nukes

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. Rule of Law says:

    Just another example of TREASON. Time to clean out the swamp. This Iran Nuclear Deal with Iran was giving aide and comfort to the Enemy – and make no mistake Iran is the Enemy.

    While the religious leaders of Iran are shouting “Death to America” these Senators and Congressmen were supporting an extremely deal to this enemy. Iran says America is its enemy so the debate ends there.

    Time to take sides in the future of America. America represents FREEDOM.

    Contrast American freedom to any of the Islamic countries.
    Islamic countries only allow Islam as a religion – not exceptions.
    Islamic Countries only allow Sharia Law – no exceptions.
    All Islamic countries accept and practice the Jihad to kill any and all infidels.
    Infidels are defined as any person who does not accept Mohammad as the prophet of Allah and agree to follow the explicit terms and conditions of the Quran – no exceptions.

    Iran is an Islamic country and as such is by default an enemy of America.

    These elected officials, by accepting money to vote for Iran are by default and definition TRAITORS and committed TREASON and SEDITION!

    The Law of the Land in America is the U. S. Constitution and any act to change that outside of the prescribed procedure is an act of TREASON and SEDITION!

    Time to return to the Rule of Law in America.

    AND, these Muslims liars came to America to take over our country and convert all to Islam and Sharia Law – an act of treason and sedition.


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