A comparison between those who identify as conservatives vs those on the left: Contributions to Charity.

By Jim Campbell

March 30th, 2018

Unless you are a leftist troglodyte you would want nothing to do with this type of nonsense that only they can offer.

The left is filled with guilt ridden creatures who inherited their money or lucked their way into something of the liking that made them tons of money.



It starts wit a little and then grows to a lot.

91% of people who identify themselves as religious are likely to give to charity, writes Brooks, as opposed to 66% of people who do not.

The religious giving sector is just as likely to give to secular programs as it is to religious causes.

Those who think government should do more to redistribute income are less likely to give to charitable causes, and those who believe the government has less of a role to play in income redistribution tend to give more.

Finally, people who couple and raise children are more likely to give philanthropically than those who do not.

The more children there are in a family, the more likely that a family will donate to charity.

One of Brooks’s most controversial findings was that political conservatives give more, despite having incomes that are on average 6% lower than liberals.

A comparison between those who identify as conservatives vs those on the left: Contributions to Charity.


Good for them.

It doesn’t give the right to tell us how we should live our lives.



Republicans were three times more likely to part with their money when Rebuilding Together was described as “supporting working American families following traditions and supporting their communities.”



On the flip side, Democrats were twice as likely to kick in when the organization was described as “ensuring the protection of a home to every individual.”

The above statements have just provide the reader with a splendid example of political double speak.




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