Shutting You Down: Facebook’s Jeff Zuckerberg’s Attempt To Trample on the First Amendment

By Jim Campbell

March 23, 2018

Congratulations to Mr. Zuckerberg for coming up with coming up with a business model that allowed him to make millions.

For the most part, those who hang out and comment there are among those with too much time on their hands.


This is Facebook’s message to us, let’s send it back to them.

In a sense, I’m guilty of supporting his endeavor by posting article from this site there.

I do it in the hopes of perhaps persuading a few lefties to wake up and smell the coffee. 

Shutting You Down
By: Bill O’Reilly
March 23, 2018
When I began analyzing current events on the brand new Fox News channel in 1996, the country was a far different place than it is today.

Yes, the national media tilted left but conservative voices countered that on talk radio, still powerful at the time, and the political pressure groups were not much of a f


Proof of “Affirmative Action” of any race fully supported by Facebook!


The rise of social media has changed all that.

The ardent left quickly realized the unchecked power of creating propaganda websites like Media Matters and The Huffington Post.

While the right launched a few advocacy operations, Breitbart comes to mind, the far left moved quickly to create fear and chaos.

They have largely succeeded.

If Americans oppose left-wing policies, they become targets of scorn.

I first experienced that pernicious activity a few years ago when Media Matters, aided by the despicable Mother Jones magazine, accused me of falsifying my network reporting during the wars in El Salvador and the Falkland Islands.

Even though I produced proof that what I did in those situations was true, there was no let up.

The far left was determined to link me to Brian Williams, who lost his job anchoring the NBC Nightly News because he exaggerated his reportorial exploits.

I only survived that ordeal because Fox News chief Roger Ailes knew the attacks were BS and stood up for me


Emboldened by the damage they could do to political opponents, and using millions of dollars in donated money from gutter snipes like George Soros, the far- left heralded as truth.

Who can say with any degree of certainty that this isn’t going on right now in America.

It doesn’t have do be secret it’s out in the open, we see it daily in the continued efforts of Robert Mueller to bring down the Trump Administration.



Using some minority and women’s groups as fronts, the left-wing totalitarians have succeeded in demonizing opponents as bigots, misogynists, and racists.

Hollywood has followed closely behind, sending the chilling message that anti-liberal thought will not be accepted by the industry.

Please see the entire article below.




The black-list from the 1950’s has returned in a different form.

Then there are the sponsor boycotts. 

 The far left knows who is advertising where and is threatening American corporations at will.

We saw this a few weeks ago with the NRA.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and myself, among others, have been targeted with boycotts.

Most sponsors cave and drop ads at the behest of leftist concerns, not wanting to engender ongoing controversy.

It hurts the bottom line.

So freewheeling political debate is being badly damaged.

On many college campuses, Republican students are under intense scrutiny.

There is a far left mob-mentality in place.

How many young people can stand up to that?

The result of all this is a tremendous fear that is stifling free expression.

Any allegation is now a conviction, even those lodged by dishonest people who are paid directly, or are “accusing to profit” like Stormy Daniels.

National TV programs such as The View allow unchallenged far left political attacks under the guise of entertainment.

The Disney Company owns The View so you can see how far up the ladder the smear-machines have gone.

The uber-left now owns the destroy industry and is using its power to attack a presidency as well as drive political opponents out of business.

And all this is being done under the accepting eye of a media that no longer seeks the truth, preferring lurid, unverified reports to get clicks and viewers.

A dastardly situation has befallen America.

And I don’t see a solution in sight.

People are being destroyed because of their political viewpoints.

No question about it.






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