Mind Over Matter: How thoughts influence physical reality

By Jim Campbell

March 20, 2018

Trust that if you are not psychotic or are suffering from another malady that leaves you incapable of thinking, you can control your own thoughts.

You may not believe so but that’s because you have allowed yourself to be brainwashed through “Self Talk,” or the junk the poses as reality called advertising.



“Mind Over Matter” is how thought processes can influence our physical reality.

To understand how this works, we need to define what “Mind” is and the relationship of Mind and thought to “Matter.”

Yep, if you want him or her, “Go For It.”

” Just do it.”



One definition of Mind I found online is, “the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought”.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Mind as, “the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons”

The brain is the human organ most often associated with consciousness and the Mind.

However, this definition does not explain experiences such as remote viewing, near death experiences, psychic and paranormal phenomena, and past life memories.

Research done on people who have had near death experiences has shown that the brain is inactive during the experience.

Or, in the case of remote viewing, psychic, paranormal and past life memories, there is no way to explain how the information entered the brain to create the experience.

Another definition of Mind is that it is the space and time in which thought and feeling exists, and that the brain is an instrument that perceives thought and emotion and uses these elements to create what we experience as physical reality.

Your brain receives signals from your body – the five physical senses – and uses this information to create a 3D image in the Mind. This 3D image is what we experience as physical reality.

One way to understand this is to look at how the eyes and brain work together to create vision.

Light enters the eye through the pupil and lens. An upside down mirror image is received at the back of the eye.

The brain must then take this image and turn it right side up.

Also, the image created by the eye is like a photo taken by a camera. It is two-dimensional.

The brain must also interpret the signals from the eye and convert them to a 3D image. It is this 3D image, created by the brain, that you actually “see.”

If our world was actually made of solid physical matter, then this would explain all of our perception.

However, we know that matter is energy.

And we know that humans have experiences that cannot be explained by this simple model.

As I said before, humans have experiences that cannot be explained by activity in the brain.

Therefore, the Mind must include the brain but not be limited by it.

To understand how this can happen, let’s take a look at what human thought and human emotion or feeling might be.

Human thought is a process that takes place in the Mind and gives shape or form to our experience.

The form that thought takes includes things like words and images. 

What we call feeling or emotion is actually the substance that allows us to perceive the thought forms in our Mind.

When we perceive something in our Mind, it is the substance or feeling that gives the thought form color, taste, texture, sound, etc.

Some call this “energy and information”; feeling being the “energy” or substance, and thought being the “in-formation.”


Mind is the space-time that contains all potential and manifested thought form and feeling (or substance).

Most  the thoughts and feelings that create our physical life experience , even the brain, which perceives our creations.

Mind is “over” matter in the sense that all matter is contained within the Mind.

But it is not Mind that decides what our life experience will be.

It is our conscious awareness, who we really are, that gives substance to the thought forms in our Mind and determines the quality or our own life.

Years ago I discovered a system that has allowed me to become aware of the thoughts and feelings in the conscious and subconscious aspects of my Mind.


To identify the thoughts given substance with negative emotion (ie. fear) and to replace that substance with Love based Truth.

Mind Over Matter can be a mind-boggling subject.

It’s like a giant trip with Alice down the Rabbit Hole.



See the entire article below.


I mean think about it.

We perceive physical reality with the brain.

But the only way to perceive the brain is with the brain.

So the brain, and body, is itself a 3D image created in the Mind! How can we possibly know what is real?!

Here is what I have learned from my own experience.

Within the Mind is the brain and body, and there is also a Heart. Heart with a capital “H” because I’m not just talking about the physical pump we have all seen pictures of.

This Heart has a zero point, and it creates a torroidal electromagnetic field that send energy and information to the brain and every cell in your body.

This zero point seems to be “The Seat of the Soul” – the connecting point or gateway through which non-physical energy and information emerge into and manifests as our physical reality.

If that’s the case, then “seeing with the eyes of the Heart” might be the ultimate Mind Over Matter tool or skill.

To learn how I access this zero point and send signals from the Heart to my head or brain, you can read more here…

When we say “mind over matter” what we are referring to is that matter is within us – within the Mind. We are more than Mind of course.

We are not isolated bodies subject to the whim of external forces. Everything that we perceive within the Mind is within who we really are.

And we can choose the thoughts and feelings that give substance to what we perceive.



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