Scuba diver gets up close and personal with a submarine

By Jim Campbell

March 18th, 2018

I can tell you I’m absolutely fearless when scuba diving.

Perhaps it’s because I was a Scuba Diving Instructor for over twenty years and love the change of creatures when I go below for a dusk dive, when the little fish hide for the night and the bigger ones come out to play.

Also before I quit logging them I had logged over 5000 dives.

I taught all specialities, night diving, underwater navigation and wreck diving were among my favorites.



Having seen most everything I imagined I would see or photograph, I sold my camera equipment and now an a recreational diver, which means Not planning trips around diving but only pulling a few dives if I end up at and area where the conditions are right.

I must say, the biggest rush of all is Shark Feeding. 

That’s me below feeding sharks at Stewart Coves in the Bahamas, getting my “Shark Awareness Certification.”

Which begs the question, why do we feed sharks?

It’s because with the exception of the Great White Shark, sharks view divers with their gear an bubbles as being apex predators.

They won’t come close to divers to be filmed if they weren’t being fed.



This was what is known as a controlled feed.

I wore chain mail under my wet suit and was told If a shark grabbed my shoulder to go with it for as soon as he touched the wiring underneath my suit he would let go.

Failure to comply would lead to the share ripping may arm out of the socket.

I’ve also let dives in FIJI where they use an uncontrolled method, meaning the throw chum in the water and the big Bull Sharks and Lemon Sharks are first on the scene.


Beqa Lagoon, Pacific Harbor, Fiji; a Bull Shark feeding on a fish head as part of a shark feeding dive

Once the chum is in the water, just stand back and use a pole to push the big guys away if the start coming at us.

I only travel with my regulator and computer.

I hope to make an exception soon when I go on another all out dive trips with my dive buddy, closest friend   the Otter.



About JCscuba

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2 Responses to Scuba diver gets up close and personal with a submarine

  1. Pamela says:

    I always thought it would be cool to go scuba diving and find some long lost pirate’s treasure resting beneath the clear warm waters off the Florida Keys! However, I think the presence of sharks could be a bit unnerving!


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