Former FBI Assistant Director: Explosive Inspector General report on the way

By Jim Campbell

March 17, 2o18

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker said today that a highly anticipated report from the D.O.J.’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz will contain “some pure TNT.”



Horowitz has investigated the conduct of the FBI’s top brass surrounding the 2016 election for over a year.

He also uncovered over 50,000 text messages between two anti-Trump / pro-Clinton FBI employees directly involved in the exoneration of Clinton and the counterintelligence operation launched against the Trump campaign. (Source)

H/T Allen West Republic

Tyler Durden

Zero Hedge

There is an Inspector General report that is expected to be released very soon. 

Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker called the report “some pure TNT.”

He thinks that the DOJ’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz,  left, is getting ready to lower the boom.

In the cross hairs of the report is former Director of the FBI, James Comey, and his assistant, Andrew McCabe.

Cris Swecker thinks that the report will discuss falsified and modified reports and the political nature of certain investigations.

This all points to bias on an unbelievable scale.



As Written and Reported By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge:

Swecker: “The behavior if it’s manifested in the action with your thumb on the scale of a particular investigation, one way or the other, that’s borderline criminal behavior, manipulating an investigation. 



I think this IG report is going to be a direct hit on Mueller’s investigation, more so than any of these useless congressional investigations. 

I think you’re going to see some pure TNT come out in this IG report.”



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  1. malenurseken says:

    ill berlieve it when i see it


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