Raising the age to buy guns at the age of 21?

By Jim Campbell

March 10th, 2018

Since any of the Anti-Second Amendment Idiots have failed to come up with a plan, my suggestion is simple and will be effective.

Let all those who oppose gun ownership show up at designated desert areas give them pistols and long guns and let them play way with live ammunition.

Let’s call it playing Cowboys and Indians.

What’s a good revolutionary war without guns and fire power?



Those who don’t shoot well, die, those who survive become true believers in the right to bare arms.

Want to protest? That’s your right.

Want your freedom of Assembly?  You got it.

Another feel good moment for the uninformed. Earlier I posted


The U. S. is 3rd in murders throughout the world.Take out 5 Democrat controlled cities, the United States is 4th FROM THE BOTTOM, in the ENTIRE world, for murders

So of course, the fly over country whose citizens don’t have the benefit of the so-called 4-6 minute response time from the police should give up our guns and now for good measure, raise the age for buying a gun to 21.


I understand the “theory” behind raising age limit to 21 to buy guns but sorry, age has nothing to do with it.

That way, soldiers who stick out their neck and kill on our behalf on lands afar, come back and cannot buy a gun to go hunting.

Makes perfect liberal sense don’t you think?





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2 Responses to Raising the age to buy guns at the age of 21?

  1. Rule of Law says:

    The Progressive Left has once again missed the point – CRIMINALS do not obey the law. That point is why they are criminals. New LAWS are never an answer to a non-issue.

    The estimates are that there are more than 300 million guns available in America. Anyone who is serious about getting control of a gun can buy a gun. ANY TYPE OF GUN!

    The legal gun owners are not really a problem. I never see these gun control folks talking about the MS-13 criminal element. The “Gang-Bangers” who do drive by shootings for fun and to prove they do not care and are willing to kill to join a gang!

    The number of non-law abiding citizens is growing because the fools making laws are out of control. The Criminal Justice System is broken. The Government is corrupt. The U. S. Government has exempted themselves for obeying the law. WTF?

    The Michael Vick dog case is one good example of miss-guided efforts. How did the “System” over-look the fact that in America we destroy more than 25,000,000 dogs every year. The MEDIA circus over his dog fighting activities was stupid and foolish. Absolutely nothing was accomplished other than Michael Vick had his life destroyed. Keep in mind the NFL has many known gangsters in its ranks. Did the Media focus one line of the violence in the NFL?

    America needs fewer laws and some serious enforcement of the existing laws. Perhaps illegal immigration is a problem worthy of attention. The cost in monetary terns and criminal terms is staggering but the MSM will not recognize that America is the only country with the complete lack of border entry controls.

    Just look at Mexico’s law on Immigration as compared to America. WTF?


  2. Brittius says:

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