The Adventures of “Señor Siesta” and his white twin brother from a different mother

February 2. 2018
The Mind-Melting Charisma Of DNC Co-Chair Tom “Señor Siesta” Perez

The word is his speeches are all total knock-outs.

We may want to give this guy a break.

Nah forget about that, he’s just another progressive loon whose party hasn’t come up with a workable idea to make America a better place since the days of the first progressive President Woodrow Wilson.

B.T.W. why is he a co-chair?

It’s not like he and his counterpart have anything to do.



It’s not been widely reported but he is very close to matching former VP Al Gore’s world record number of audiences induced to REM sleep simultaneously.

That record is currently at 745 and growing, as Gore still manages to put a few groups down at leftist conferences, here and there.

Tom is currently at only 651 but mid terms are coming and he is pumped at the opportunity to potentially cause hundreds more audiences to drift off into the sweet escape of slumber.


Al and his true believer zealots have turned this into their own religious cult. are making millions after selling “Carbon Tax Offsets,” which line their pockets with gold, doing nothing for the atmosphere or troposphere.

Has anyone asked the blow hard to tell us how long accurate temperature monitoring on the earth has taken place?

Of course not, he won’t talk to reporters, refuses to let them attend his brain washing sessions and will not take questions from the audience.

Climate’s changed before
It’s the sun
It’s not bad
There is no consensus
It’s cooling
Models are unreliable
Temp record is unreliable
Animals and plants can adapt
It hasn’t warmed since 1998
Antarctica is gaining ice
View All Arguments…

This guy would do well if he were confined to speak at grave yards and morgues.

If you payed attention to what he said, his quiet rant lacks an iota of factual evidence as he uses circular reasoning to promote his hoax.

There is no prospective science involved just retrospective analysis.

Remember the original Kyoto in 1995 was sponsored by the U.N. (Source)


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