Iran Building Another Syrian Base to Target Israel

By Jim Campbell

February 29, 2018

Iran is ignoring these understandings and continues to expand its reach in an effort to open another front against Israel in a future war.

Stating the obvious, Israel is heading toward another world war.

The latest military base outside Damascus is yet another example of Iran encroaching on Israel’s borders.



With the downfall of the Islamic State as a military force in Syria, Iran and its proxies – including Hizballah and other Shi’a militias – are now focusing their efforts on the destruction of the Jewish state.



Proving that Iran has no standards, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Suleimani were named as the top men in the past Iranian year. (Source)


The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Feb 29, 2018

Iran has constructed another military base in Syria with the ability to host missiles that can strike any part of Israel, according to ImageSat International satellite images obtained exclusively by Fox News. (Source)



Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) al-Quds Force reportedly operates the base, which is located outside of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Iran already oversees a military compound near the Damascus airport and other high-profile airbases and permanent military sites across the country. (Source)



The United States and Israel are very concerned about Iran’s ongoing efforts to consolidate permanent operating bases in Syria.

Since intervening in that country’s civil war in 2011, the Islamic Republic has been working to cement a land bridge from Tehran to Beirut through Syria.

Earlier this month, Israel shot down an Iranian drone that infiltrated Israel’s airspace.

Israeli jets subsequently bombed several military targets in Syria, including some under Iranian control.

In the process, Syrian air defenses downed an Israeli jet, the first time an Israeli military aircraft had been taken out by enemy fire since the 1980s.



This escalation marks the first direct confrontation between Israeli and Iranian forces.

Iran may have deployed the drone to conduct surveillance or to test Israel’s air defenses and provoke an Israeli response.

Regardless of the primary motivation, the incident shows that Iran is increasingly emboldened and willing to use Syria as a base to challenge Israel directly.

Israel has set red lines throughout the Syrian civil war, focused on preventing “game-changing” weapons from landing in Hizballah’s hands and a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria.

Israel leaders understand that it cannot remove Iranian forces from its borders alone and have engaged in diplomatic initiatives with the United States and Russia to negotiate a potential buffer zone free of an Iranian presence. (Source)



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4 Responses to Iran Building Another Syrian Base to Target Israel

  1. Facts are fun says:

    This changing dynamic is illustrative of the long standing hate between the Muslim world and all others.

    The Quran is very clear that all Muslims are required to take a oath to the Quran, follow Sharia Law and kill all non-believers.

    The Middle-East has been in this dispute since back in 622 or so when Mohammad got started with the Muslim faith matters. Hate, ill-will and death are the corner stones of Islam and until this condition is changed there will never be peace in the region – NEVER.

    Islamic treatment of women and kids is also of concern son that the above described developments are just a fact of life until the Quran is changed – as in NEVER. There are an estimated 1.3 Billion people that follow the teachings of the Quran. The education effort required to change this size population will require way more than 50 years.

    Consider that the Civil War ended over 150 years ago and America still has the black – white hate issue today.


    • JCscuba says:

      Our black and white race issues are ginned up by politicians from the left as they keep blacks beholden for the free stuff which isn’t free and is paid for them by you and me. How dare they ever attempt to leave Uncle Sam’s Plantation?


  2. malenurseken says:

    Israel AND USA need to plant a mushroom cloud in Iran


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