German town votes to keep controversial bell devoted to Hitler

By Jim Campbell

February 27th, 2018

For those of us from the West who might plan to be going to Germany, this seems like the perfect town to avoid.

Perhaps when the town elders see income from local shops plummet they may change their mind.


H/T Brettius

The bell, which is inscribed with a Nazi swastika and words that state “Everything for the Fatherland – Adolf Hitler,” serves as a memorial in a Protestant church in Herxheim am Berg.


According to the DPA news agency, the council in the small town voted 10-3 on Monday to preserve the bell, which were widespread during the Nazi era but mostly removed after the war.

A move they will eventually regret.





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2 Responses to German town votes to keep controversial bell devoted to Hitler

  1. Big deal! It’s a bell. In 1934, Hitler was popular. Juden Hass is a natural function of being a Kraut. As long as the bell is in the belfry and nobody sees it, they only hear it, what’s the difference?

    The time for disambiguating symbol & substance is long overdue. Cutting the tail off a rattlesnake does not render it anodyne.


  2. The email alert included an unrelated post with exposed html tags which impair ease of reading. Html tags only work when pasted into the blog editor’s html tab. When you must do that, copy the entire html source, paste it into the source tab of a blank tab in Kompozer, then switch to the design tab, make your edits, switch to the source tab, select all, copy and paste into the blog editor.


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