Does America Have A Problem? Let’s count the ways

By JIm Campbell

February 28, 2018


The lefties in the video below who can’t imagine teachers in the classroom carrying a pistol would probably feel more comfortable is they used an eraser when a crazy person  bust on to the campus firing as many students as possible.



“Why the Left Opposes Arming Teachers”
Why does the left oppose allowing a few highly trained teachers and other adults who work at schools to arm themselves? When asked, their response is consistent: “It’s a crazy idea.”
And “We need fewer guns, not more guns.”

A New York Times editorial offered the following argument against having any armed teachers:

“Nationwide statistics on police shooting accuracy are not to be found.

But if New York is typical, analyses show that its officers hit their targets only one-third of the time.

And during gunfights, when the adrenaline is really pumping, that accuracy can drop to as low as 13 percent.”

Obvious solution train the police to become better shooters using moving targets while at the same time, requiring more range time.



But if that is an argument against armed teachers, why isn’t it an argument against armed police?

And that argument was Aristotelian compared to this one from a Los Angeles Times editorial:

“If a pistol-strapping chemistry teacher had grabbed her .45 and unloaded on today’s gunman after he killed, what, one student? Three? Five? That would be good news?” 

So what the problem?

Of course, no murder is “good news.”

But to most of us, one or three or five as compared with 17  murdered is good news.

Only those who think it isn’t good news think permitting some teachers and other school staff to be armed is a bad idea.

Beyond such arguments, the left rarely, if ever, explains why allowing some teachers and other adults in a school to be armed is a crazy idea.

They merely assert it as a self-evident truth. 

But, of course, it’s not a self-evident truth.

On the contrary, having some adults who work at schools be trained in the responsible use of guns makes so much sense that the left’s blanket opposition seems puzzling.

It shouldn’t be.

On the question of taking up arms against evil, the left is very consistent.

*This Kentucky school district just voted to let teachers carry concealed guns –  (Source)


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4 Responses to Does America Have A Problem? Let’s count the ways

  1. Factually Speaking says:

    9 Leading Causes of Death in the United States
    By John Smith | Jan. 29, 2013

    In the midst of the heated gun control debate permeating over the country like a foul odor, we are led to believe that gun violence, suicides, and accidents are a major cause of death in the United States. However, gun related murder is extremely rare, accounting for about .005% of all deaths in the country last year. Even rarer are murders committed with so called “assault rifles,” which pans out to about .0002% of all murders in 2011. (Note: these numbers are based on mathematical analysis of FBI Uniform Crime statistics, and statistics from the U.S. Center for Disease Control.)

    With all of our attention directed at a cause of death that turns out to be a statistical anomaly, we unfortunately skip over the biggest causes of death. While gun related murders and suicides are tragic, it is troublesome to miss these other issues and leave them unattended to.

    Here are the nine leading causes of death in the United States:

    1. Obesity and
    2. Smoking

    These two make the top of the list, and share a spot because of for one major reason. While obesity can occasionally be the result of thyroid problems or other medical disorders, it is in large part based on over consumption of sugar and fats and is thus preventable. Likewise, smoking is well-known as being an extremely unhealthy lifestyle choice. Furthermore, these two are both major causes of many of the other disorders that make up this list.

    While these choices can be partially attributed to deeper cultural issues, the fact is that nobody is putting a cigarette in your mouth or shoving sweets and fast food down your gullet. Thus, the two major leading causes of death in this country can be all but wiped out if people treat their bodies with some respect. I’ve been known to have a cigar or a McDonald’s burger a time or two, but moderation is key.

    If we want to tackle major causes of death in this country, this is the place to start.Here are the nine leading causes of death in the United States:

    3. Heart disease (approximately 598,000 deaths per year)

    Though there is a large number of different heart diseases, one of the largest is Congestive Heart Failure. The risk of getting Congestive Heart Failure increases with age, but also greatly increases if you are a smoker, have diabetes or high blood pressure, and/or have a diet with excessive sodium intake.

    4. Cancer (approximately 575,000 deaths per year)

    The causes of all cancers are not well known, but various daily activities for many people greatly increase the risk including smoking, excessive tanning, and diets high in processed foods. Obesity, sedentary lifestyle and pollutants can also cause cancer.

    5. Chronic lower respiratory disease (Approximately 138,000 deaths per year)

    Chronic lower respiratory diseases in include asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema. The latter of the three are typically caused by cigarette smoking or inhalation of other irritants such as dust and fumes while working in farming, carpentry, or manufacturing. While asthma can sometimes be genetic, it can be caused or exacerbated by these same factors.

    6. Stroke (approximately 129,500 deaths per year)

    Stroke refers to the loss of brain function after a decrease in blood flow to the brain. This can cause vision loss, immobility of one side of the body, and slurred speech in its early stages. As the stroke progresses, loss of consciousness and eventually death will occur. Strokes can have a large number of causes, but your risk increases if you have high cholesterol, if you smoke, if you’re overweight, when using illicit drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamine, or using birth control supplements such as estrogen.

    7. Accidents (approximately 121,000 deaths per year)

    This is a number that shocked me. Though still statistically a small number, over 120,000 deaths per year as a result of accidents seems excessive. The three most common types of accidents resulting in death are car accidents, falls, and unintentional poisonings.

    8. Alzheimer’s disease (approximately 83,500 deaths per year)

    Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dimension. It is an untreatable degenerative disorder which worsens as it progresses, causing severe confusion, memory loss, and eventually death. Though the cause of Alzheimer’s disease is mostly unknown, the onset is thought to be associated with age and stress.

    9. Diabetes (approximately 69,000 deaths per year)

    Type 1 Diabetes results from the body’s failure to produce insulin and Type 2 Diabetes results from insulin resistance. Both are at least partially genetic, though Type 2 Diabetes can result due to lifestyle factors such as age or unhealthy diet.


    • JCscuba says:

      Excellent, the author left out hammers and baseball bats as being far ahead of guns, and the kitchen the most deadly place in the house, that’s of course where the knives are.


  2. KBR says:

    Cause of death statistics. Hmmm…

    Without getting too medically technical nor too much into religion, can we agree that, generally speaking, %deaths will be more frequent among a group called “the elderly,” no matter what dastardly habits they have or have not indulged during their many years of surviving those same habits?

    Ummmm…because death gets closer as a generation gets older, quite naturally. None of us gets out of here alive, (bodily speaking.)

    So statistics not sorted by age are going to be slanted, naturally. Generally speaking, youths have better odds of surviving for another decade or two than persons over sixtyfive (whether fat youth compared to fat elder, or skinny youth compared to skinny elder, it matters not.)

    Old people die, this is not news. Pinning down the cause for statistical purposes is usually at the discretion of the death certificate signer. And these days he most often has a myriad of choices should he choose to go back to the original cause.

    The original cause of death is most always birth, except of course among the aborted.

    As to death causes among the elderly, almost NO cause of death is ever listed as “old age” anymore. Doctors today feel compelled to assign a single cause: when an 85 year old dies of smoking, you can bet the doctor chose to add to that particular statistic. When a ninety year old dies of obesity, you can bet the doctor deliberately added to that particular statistic. And so on.

    You hardly ever see statistics of death-ages of long-term survivors of “bad habits” that are listed among “causes of death.”

    Whether they started smoking and chunking down fatty burgers at an early age, or started working out and went vegan at an early age, or began regular “wellness” visits to their physicians at the age of 20, a greater percentage of “elderly people” die each year from something or other than any other age group.

    Note that elders are most often absolutely LOADED with prescription meds? They used to carry them in a bag to office visits. Ever seen a statistic on the average # of Rx’s per elder? Ever seen a statistic about how many persons die from accumulative “side effects?” No.

    That is because all Rx-side-effects deaths are blamed on some other cause. Side effects can actually cause some of the diseases that caused yet another Rx. The original “disease” might have been something as ordinary as grief over the death of a loved one: give Rx, Rx->another disease, give Rx, Rx->another disease, give Rx….(repeat over however many years the patient can survive it until patient dies, in surgical suite by a drugged surgeon who could not stop a bleedout fast enough because too much rat poison was in the patient system, and too much opium was in his.) Cause of death listed will be: Obesity? Smoking? Or a choice among the diseases (that were caused originally by medical intervention) that the patient had accumulated over time?

    Any statistic about how many deaths are caused by surgical error, legal prescriptions, nurse error, side effects, cancer”treatment” poisonings will be greatly skewed toward whatever the reason the patient came to the doctor at that time.

    Or if the patient was overweight or ever smoked a cigarrette, the blame can easily be assigned there. No one will ever trace it back to that first pill “a little something for your nerves, to help you in your grief” nor to any of the known and labelled side effects of the multiple prescriptions the patient had been taking for years.

    On the other end of the spectrum, since “aborted” is never listed as a statistical cause of death for humans, one might believe that, statistically speaking, nearly all human conceptions lead to births of viable infants.

    “Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.” ~William W. Watt

    Statistics put out based upon doctor’s opinions (cause of death) will always be spun in favor of doctors and drugs, and against whatever they have collectively opined is “bad for you.” But IMO, doctors and all drugs are bad for you, if you are generally healthy.


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