Planned Parenthood and Agenda 21 are working to limit the world’s population

By Jim Campbell

February 25, 2018

Since they have no scientific basic for believing this hooey perhaps they would all do us a favor by leaving the planet immediately.

Here’s a thought……




Who wants painless fro this crew?

They have put us through enough angst while inhabiting the hearth.

I believe a wood chipper would work just fine.



Put them in dead or alive, there is no scientific data to indicate they ever lived in the first place.

If they were to die, they would be doing the country a great service.

Let’s not forget a quote attributed to John Wayne.



There is no proof that the Duke was the originator of this quote.



There is proof as articulated in the Agenda 21 Global Governance  that the true believers are complete head cases and should put up or shut up by leaving the Earth before the rest of us.


Remember, what hasn’t the U.N. come up with that hasn’t been absolute B.S.?






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2 Responses to Planned Parenthood and Agenda 21 are working to limit the world’s population

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I have been thinking about this for the past week. I believe that Planned Parenthood, should open offices in every nation where refugees are coming into America. Let them accept abortion, and in twenty years, the US taxpayers will save a bundle, and the hordes will be culled early on.


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