Caution common sense and actual thought required

By Jim Campbell

January 30, 2018.

The loons on the left and their goose stepping Gestapo, are about to render themselves more irrelevant than they have been since the days of Woodrow Wilson, also a college professor, who brought us the federal income tax and the federal reserve.


Essentially Professor Jordan Peterson has been punished for his thought and comments he left on Twitter concerning the irony of the university system, not just the one he is a professor is rapidly galloping toward Marxism.



I’d been aware of Jordan Peterson for some time because the University of Toronto psychology professor took a stand against Canadian law forcing people to put language to the service of transgender identities.

As is true for me, Peterson is willing as a courtesy to use someone’s preferred pronouns, but government coercion is another thing entirely.

So yay, Prof. Peterson!

Jordan Peterson has been all over the news lately from a viral interview with Cathy Newman. In the interview, Newman consistently mischaracterizes Peterson and tries to make his positions sound more extreme than they really were.

Professor Peterson nails it below.

Peterson easily deflected all of the aggressive “gotcha” questions with calm explanations of his actual positions.


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