Any doubt why Samantha Power was picked by Obama to be Ambassador to the United Nations?

Excuse me?

The United States is a Liberal Democracy?

Only in her Marxist delusional mind.

The only thing that is the least bit shocking is that Obama picked a white broad for the position.

Little did we know how much more dangerous our country was in with her as Ambassador.


Contrast her with former Ambassador John Bolton and current Ambassador, Nikki Halley, no contest.

Her comments below will likely make your hair catch on fire.



We were unable to find any pictures of her smiling which is indicative that she is suffering from either hemorrhoid pain or is severely constipated.

I any case, it’s not the taxpayers problem, she has vanished

“Why Samantha Power lighted the U.N. Israel firestorm.”

Commentary Magazine:

The world-wide beacon of light for communists/Marxists, the world over.

Samantha Power is expected to testify behind closed doors to the House Intelligence Committee as part of its Russia probe, and one of the big unanswered questions will be why, during her final year as chief U.S. envoy to the U.N., she apparently made hundreds of requests for the unmasking in U.S. intelligence intercepts of the identities of American citizens.

Those identities are closely guarded under Fourth Amendment constitutional protection, and one of lawmakers’ chief concerns, according to Jason Chaffetz, former chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (and now a Fox News contributor) “is the overall perceived ramp-up in the number of unmasking requests” during a sensitive election year.



Although Power, 46, also was a member of the administration’s National Security Council, Chaffetz told Fox News, “the U.N. is a highly suspicious perch from which those requests were made.” (Source)

Samantha Power married Cass Sunstein a Harvard Law Professor and Marxist of the first order.

The reader will remember him if they spent any time watching or listening to Glenn Beck  during the Obama invasion.



Listen to Michael Savage’s comments about him in the video below.



Snip…..In 2002 Samantha Power made a statement, calling for a U.S. military invasion of Israel.

Full transcript available at the you tube site.

(An excellent piece, well worth the full read on Obama’s gal)



 In a 2003 article for the New Republic, Power wrote:  “The U.S, came to be seen less as it sees itself (the cop protecting the world from rogue nations) than as the very runaway state international law needs to contain.”

Power wrote that America’s record in world affairs had been so harmful to the freedoms of people around the world that the United States could remedy the problem only through profound self-criticism and the wholesale adoption of new policies.

Acknowledging that President Bush was correct in saying that “some America-bashers” hate the American people’s freedoms, Ms. Power stated that much anti-Americanism derives from the role that U.S. power “has played in denying such freedoms to others” and concluded:

U.S. foreign policy has to be rethought.

It needs not tweaking but overhauling,

She clearly gave Obama bowing lessons, this cannot be denied.

Instituting a doctrine of mea culpa would enhance our credibility by showing that American decision-makers do not endorse the sins of their predecessors.

When [then German Chancellor] Willie [sic] Brandt went down on one knee in the Warsaw ghetto, his gesture was gratifying to World War II survivors, but it was also ennobling and cathartic for Germany.

Would such an approach be futile for the United States?

Who is Samantha Power, Irish Pro-Palestinian Activist (see also Ed Lasky, American Thinker) -a good piece on the danger to Israel.





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  1. malenurseken says:

    Thank GOD she is gone! AMEN

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  2. Paula says:

    The face she’s making is because she’s standing next to hellfire & brimstone barry!

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  3. fuzzysdad01 says:

    Her lack of smile was due to being constipated with hemorrhoids.

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