NY Attorney General Now Just Filing Nuisance Lawsuits Against Trump

Since New York Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman is already late to the party, he would cut more profile if he brought in more women who have alleged to have been sexually molested by the president. (Source)



Music by Paul McCartney” “The Fool On The Hill.”

What’s illegal about it?

Today’s vote also follows a public comment process that was deeply corrupted, including two million comments that stole the identities of real people.

This is a crime under New York law, and the FCC’s decision to go ahead with the vote makes a bigger mockery of government integrity and rewards the very perpetrators who scammed the system to advance their own agenda. 

Hello, read the Constitution, just because the legislation was put into effect in New York, has absolutely no bearing on the rest of the United States.


Front Page Magazine

Daniel Greenfield

December 15, 2017


New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman obviously isn’t interested in fighting crime.

He’s a Sharpton fan.

Instead he’s abusing his office to file nuisance lawsuits against President Trump. 

Eric Schneiderman said Thursday that he will sue the Trump administration.

We shall see how much enjoyment he gets when President Trump’s legal staff starts to bury this guy with law suits.



Is he in competition with his California counterpart to see which AG can file the most nuisance #resistance lawsuits while crimes continues to be a serious issue.

Schneiderman said the FCC decision will allow Internet services providers to charge more to access Facebook, Twitter and other sites and to degrade the quality of video unless consumers pay a higher charge. 

When, before 2015, was anyone being charged more to use Facebook or Twitter?

He said the decision also allows Internet services providers, called ISPs, to favor certain viewpoints in content.

The way Google, Twitter and Facebook do?

Anyway what are the legal grounds for this? Good question. Don’t ask Eric.

New Yorkers deserve the right to a free and open Internet. That’s why we will sue to stop the FCC’s illegal rollback of net neutrality….


Public comment processes tend to be filled with fake comments.

And there were plenty of fake comments from both sides. Also death and bomb threats.

I believe those are illegal.

Yet the FCC has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation, despite widespread evidence that the public comment process was corrupted.

The FCC is a Federal agency.

It doesn’t have to cooperate with a State AG trying to prep a run for governor.

See the entire article below.


But more importantly, Eric has failed to explain what’s illegal about the FCC rolling back a rule that was itself illegal.

Now I’m sure that Eric can find Obama and Clinton judges who will agree with him on that, or anything else, but these days that means little.

Maybe the Washington AG who is threatening another lawsuit can explain.

“We are the 5-0 against the Trump Administration because they often fail to follow the law when taking executive action,” he said in a statement.

This is your brain. This is your brain on the #resistance.

We have two AGs who are neglecting their jobs and filing frivolous lawsuits whose grounds they can’t even be bothered to explain. But that’s Eric for you. Here’s how it went last time.

Attorney General Schneiderman had previously made headlines for joining a group named “AGs United for Clean Power” to harass companies that questioned Global Warming.

Luckily all the crime has been solved so Eric can spend all his time harassing political opponents.



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  1. Simply Linda says:

    He is our governors lacky.


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