Guess how much it costs Seattle to build a 2-mile fence to protect there residents from the homeless?

Another delusion by leftist rulers in Seattle that is doomed to failure.

It must be something in the continual rain  or air they breathe that makes them continually vote for legislators who have no problem coming up with new ways to rip off the tax payers.

Seattle voters of course voted them in, let them live with their votes, it makes no difference to me.


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Hint: Come up with a number and then double it, maybe triple it.

City and state transportation departments are spending more than $1 million ($1.1 million to be exact) on fences aimed at keeping homeless people separated from highways in Seattle. (Source)

The Seattle Times reports fencing crews have cordoned off areas under highways in the city with 10-foot (3-meter) fences that are designed to be difficult to climb.



The Washington State Department of Transportation is spending $527,000 on the project while the city is paying $570,000.

Department spokesman Travis Phelps says the state agency is working with cities and other jurisdictions to “make sure that folks who are experiencing homelessness and other issues are not camping underneath highways and other spots, and putting themselves at risk.”

Officials with service organizations say the fences do not address the homelessness issue but only shift people or problems elsewhere.

According to, the fence is about two miles long and will be “extra-strength fence stands 10-foot-4, with small mesh that’s hard for climbers to grab” with tiny blades “discreetly cinched along the top, resembling common bird spikes that repel crows and gulls.” (Source)

The cost breakdown is here (page 8).

This fence will cost taxpayers approximately $94.70/foot.

According to, an 8′-12′ tall commercial-grade chain-link fence can cost $15-$40 or more a foot. (Source)

But when government is spending taxpayer dollars, you know the key words are “or more.”

I wonder how many lawsuits will be filed for the homeless folks who end up cutting themselves with the blades on this fence.


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2 Responses to Guess how much it costs Seattle to build a 2-mile fence to protect there residents from the homeless?

  1. malenurseken says:

    And Dems complain about the cost of a border wall fence which will be much bigger and serve a much better purpose!


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    One possibility would be to construct shelters away for the highways. Simple concrete shelters would serve the people and there could be water and sanitation facilities available as well.

    The truth is that there is ample land available for these type of projects for the homeless. The Seattle area has lots of mega wealthy who could do this project – if they really want to help.

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