Saudi Arabia vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’

A head faint or taqiyya, how will we ever know?

Among the Muslim world, time is not  thought of as we do in the United States.

They could be talking over the next 20-50 years in which case said actions will be imperceptible.

Thus, we in the west would not likely know.


Said a different way, if the U.S. were in charge of the operation it would be bombs away in every area where jihadists are still operating.

I would not bet the farm on anything of significance happening any time soon. 



The Jordan Times

Anuj Chopra

Nov 27,2017



Saudi Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammed Bin Salman (centre) motions to Jordan’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Lieutenant General Mahmoud Freihat (2nd left) as they pose for a group photo with other defence ministers and officials of the 41-member Saudi-led Muslim counter-terrorism alliance in the capital Riyadh (AFP photo)



RIYADH — Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince vowed to “pursue terrorists until they are wiped from the face of the earth” as officials from 40 Muslim countries gathered on Sunday in the first meeting of an Islamic counter-terrorism alliance.



“In past years, terrorism has functioned in all of our countries… with no coordination” among national authorities, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is also the Saudi defense minister, said in his keynote speech at the gathering in Riyadh.


“This ends today, with this alliance.”

The summit is the first meeting of defence ministers and other senior officials from the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, which officially counts 41 countries and identifies as a “pan-Islamic unified front” against violent extremism.

The alliance was announced in 2015 under the auspices of Prince Mohammed.

The alliance groups largely, although not exclusively, Sunni-majority or Sunni-ruled countries.

It excludes Saudi Arabia’s arch-rival, Shiite-dominated Iran, as well as Syria and Iraq, whose leaders have close ties to Tehran.

Sunday’s meeting coincides with an escalation in tensions between Riyadh and Tehran, particularly over wars in Syria and Yemen and the political structure of multi-confessional Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of supporting armed groups across the Middle East, including Lebanon’s Shiite Hizbollah and Yemen’s Huthi rebels.

The meeting also comes as several military coalitions, with backers including both Iran and key Saudi ally the United States, battle to push the Daesh terror group from its last remaining bastions in Iraq and Syria.

The alliance meeting in Riyadh brings together Muslim or Muslim-majority nations including Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Uganda, Somalia, Mauritania, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Turkey.

Retired Pakistani general Raheel Sharif has been appointed commander-in-chief.

The alliance aims to “mobilize and coordinate the use of resources, facilitate the exchange of information and help member countries build their own counter-terrorism capacity,” Sharif said.

While the alliance officially includes Qatar, which is the target of a six-month boycott led by Saudi Arabia, organizers in Riyadh said no Qatari officials were present at the meeting.

Qatar’s flag was also absent.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain abruptly cut diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar in June, accusing the emirate of being too close to Iran and supporting extremism.

Qatar denies the allegations.

See the entire article below.


Egypt, which sent a military official and not its defence minister to the Sunday meeting, is reeling from a Friday attack on a mosque that killed more than 300 people during prayer time.

While Daesh has not claimed responsibility, Egyptian authorities say the organization is the main suspect as the mosque is associated with followers of the mystical Sufi branch of Sunni Islam, whom Daesh has branded heretics.

Prince Mohammed said Friday’s “painful event” was a reminder of the “danger of terrorism and extremism”.

“Beyond the killing of innocent people and the spread of hatred, terrorism and extremism distort the image of our religion,” he said.

Since his sudden appointment as crown prince, Prince Mohammed has moved to consolidate power, announcing crackdowns on both terrorism and corruption.

A corruption purge saw around 200 Saudi elites including princes, ministers and business tycoons arrested or sacked earlier this month.



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4 Responses to Saudi Arabia vows new Islamic alliance ‘will wipe terrorists from the earth’

  1. The prolog:

    > Islam Exposed: What Trump Should Say To Muslim leaders In Riyadh
    > May 20, 2017 – What Trump Should Say To Muslim leaders In Riyadh. When President Trump addresses the leaders of fifty enemy entities, he should toss his …

    The epilog:

    I selected 43 of the most egregious turds from that shitspew for dissection, making each one an h1 header. Chump basically told the Muslim satraps to kick themselves off the planet.

    Not gonna happen! They will make a pretense, but never abandon Jihad. Abandonment of Jihad would bring down a terrible curse on Muslims. Allah would cover them with a blanket of disgrace and dishonor and not lift it until they return to their “original religion”. Their lands, power and honor would be lost. That curse applies to the Ummah collectively. It also applies to each Muslim individually: if his sins outweigh his righteous good deeds, he will spend eternity in the fire if he does not do Jihad.

    While Muslims believe, the will not put an end to Jihad!

    9 ayat expressly prohibit friendship, alliance & taking protection from infidels, including Jews. He who does it is one of them, destined for the fire. But deception is allowed and Islamic law has an escape clause for necessity.

    Egypt & Jordan violated Shari’ah by signing peace treaties with Israel. The maximum term is 7 years. They are in a state of sin. But those are cold peace, both nations continued to support terrorists. Both continue to inculcate hatred and incite violence. If the treaties were put to a referendum, they would be rescinded.

    Machiavelli was full of shit: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Muslims are enemies of Israel! Shi’ia or Sunni, they’re all ‘slimes at heart. Both sects hate Jews more than they hate each other. Refer to the ancient Arab proverb popularized by Leon Urnis: “Me against my brother” … . A ‘slime will fight his brother, father, cousin and a stranger but the whole lot will unite against a Jew. That is a clue for the few who can grasp one.

    The mad Mullahs threaten the entire world, including KSA and the Gulf Emirates. If Israel had MOPs and aircraft capable of delivering them or would, with Saudis paying the bill, obtain them and take out Iran’s nuclear and missile facilities, the temporary alliance would dissolve the day following and it would be back to normal, with full support for Hamas & Hezbollah.

    The clerics proclaiming attacking Jews to be harram are contravening the Unholy Koranus, hadith and shari’ah. Other clerics and much of the Ummah know it. MBS & his goons are taking a huge gamble which could backfire in a very bloody way. When you spend decades inculcating Juden Hass and inciting Jihad, then suddenly reverse course, you have a major problem: you are guilty of hypocrisy & apostasy and subject to takfir. Remember what happened to Sadat?

    Would Iran take preemptive action to stave off a shitstorm? Do they have their own nukes or a few Gook nukes? Will they tell Hezbollah to launch thier missiles? The latter is the most likely. How would Israel react? Direct action against Iran seems unlikely but I am not making wagers.

    One thing is certain: Jihad is intrinsic to and inseverable from Islam; terrorism & genocide are intrinsic to and inseverable from Jihad. First, last and always: peace in a pig’s ass so long as the earth is Muslim infested!


  2. Caution: deception & diversion! Observe situational awareness. Keep your eyes on the prize: peace & security. Do no be diverted by 31K terror incidents since 9/11. Wars are composed of battles. Each of those incidents is a battle.

    Open the Unholy Koranus to any of the verses that say “Strive hard and fight with your wealth and your lives”… look it up at and click the root word for the first verb. Check the dictionary and the concordance.

    Jihad means striving or extreme exertion. Jihad fi sybil Allah is Jihad in the way of Allah: to make his word superior by establishing and extending Dar al-Islam through conquests. In the Hilali/Khan translation, read the footnote to 2.190. It provides a cost/benefit analysis of Jihad.

    Examin the primary Jihad verses: 2.190…, 2.216, 8.39, 8.65, 8.67, 9.5, 9.14, 9.29 & 9.123. Are there any chronological or geographic limits? What are the terminal conditions?

    Examine the primary terror verses: 3.151, 8.12, 8.57, 8.60 & 9.120. What did Allah say; what did he do? Turn to Sahih Bukhari vol. 4, pg. 140: how did Allah make Moe victorious?

    What part of Jihad & terrorism is not intrinsic to Islam? How is it extreme, it is what Allah commanded and Moe exemplified.

    Visit and search for change. Can Allah’s words be changed? Can Islam be changed?? Read 2.85: can Muslims ignore parts of the Unholy Koranus?

    MBS is only concerned about Jihad when it is turned on himself or his allies. Is he gonna cut off funding of Hamas, PLO & Fatah??? Will KSA still hold annual funding telethons for Falestinian reconquest?


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