Soros Defends Muslim Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour

Seriously, would we expect anything different from the man with no country?

Soros continues to prove that money can buy happiness as it has kept him from being arrested and out of prison on international wants and warrants.


After Hurricane Harvey hit, Islamist activist Linda Sarsour put out a call for donations.


Soros has blamed Jews for anti-Semitism and described his period as a Nazi collaborator as the “most exciting time of my life.”

He claims to have grown up in a “Jewish, anti-Semitic home” and called his mother a “typical Jewish anti-Semite” who hated his first wife because she was “too Jewish.”

He has written an article insisting that, “America and Israel must open the door to Hamas.”

Soros and his schemes have the socially redeeming value of a dog turd and little else.

As controversy mounts over Sarsour’s appearance on a panel denying the existence of leftist and Islamist anti-Semitism, especially among activists waging a campaign of hate against Israel, her defenders are recycling a letter by “Jewish leaders” defending the anti-Semitic Islamist activist.

The “Jewish Leaders Statement Against Attacks on Linda Sarsour” contains rather few Jewish leaders.

Behind “Jews for Linda”, the group linked to the letter, is Rafael Shimunov. Shimunov is the National Creative Director of the Working Families Party.

The WFP is yet another spinoff of ACORN.  


See the entire article below.



And Shimunov is also a member of the hate group If Not Now which targets Jewish charities.

Three of the signatories to the Sarsour letter are with the Working Families Party. They include the WFP’s biggest bigwigs, Dan Cantor, its National Director, Joe Dinkin, its National Communications Director, and Bill Lipton, its New York State Director. Cantor is a former ACORN activist and Lipton is a former ACORN employee who studied under Eric Foner, an apologist for Communism and Iran.

Both of the New York City Council members who signed on to the Sarsour letter, Brad Lander and Stephen Levin, are WFP endorsed. Lander had formerly worked for the Pratt Center which was funded by Soros. Even while serving in the City Council, Lander leads Toward a 21st Century City for All. The group thanks Soros’ Open Society for its funding on almost every single page.

What makes any of the WFP types, “Jewish leaders”? Nothing. But their presence, like Shimunov’s, in the awkward ‘Jewashing’ reflex of the left which in classic Stalinist style tries to cover up its anti-Semitic ideology and abuses by putting Judeophobic leftists of Jewish ancestry out front, shows the growing importance of Sarsour to the organizations bankrolled by the sugar daddy of the anti-Semitic left.

The WFP hasbeen heavily backed by anti-Semitic billionaire George Soros. It also appears on the list of groups to whom “partners” of Soros’ Democracy Alliance cartel must donate between $200K and $1 million if they want to retain their seat at the SPECTRE board table of leftist politics. One of those partners is the American Federation of Teachers whose president, Randi Weingarten, also signed the Sarsour letter. Weingarten had previously defended former Nation of Islam member Keith Ellison by claiming that she can, “smell anti-Semitism. Keith Ellison is no anti-Semite.”

And Ellison had touted the support of Soros’ son. So it’s not hard to smell something.

Back then, Rafael Shimunov was promoting #JewsforKeith. And the Jews for Keith letter had many of the same interchangeable anti-Israel signatories as the Jews for Linda letter. (After Ellison lost, Jews for Keith announced that its members were really with the Democratic Socialists of America.)

Claiming that Linda Sarsour needed to stay safe from “Jewish extremists”, Stosh Cotler of Bend the Arc launched a fundraising campaign to protect the Islamist activist from the Jews. Stosh, a former sex club dancer and anti-Israel protester, is the CEO of an organization whose Executive Committee is headed by Alexander Soros. His Bend the Arc bio mentions his BA in History from NYU. It neglects to mention that he’s the son of George Soros who funded the organization’s previous incarnation. Or that George Egerman, the treasurer of the Democracy Alliance, was a major early donor.

Stosh and 8 other Bend the Arcers signed on to the Sarsour letter: 2 of them with unlisted affiliations.

Bend the Arc’s Selah Leadership Program features many of the Sarsour letter’s signatories, including Leo Ferguson, a black nationalist activist who is participating in Sarsour’s anti-Semitism denial panel. Six members of Selah’s Cohort 14 signed the Sarsour letter as did a significant number from previous Selah cohorts. It’s hard to see that as a coincidence. Especially when you note the Soros club links.

Three J Street people signed, Jeremy Ben Ami, the head of the anti-Israel lobby group, Victor Kovner, its PAC co-chair, and Rachel Lerner, its Senior VP of Community Relations.

J Street had claimed that it was not funded by Soros until a Washington Times investigation revealed that it in fact was. The anti-Israel lobby updated its denial to state that, “J Street has said it doesn’t receive money from George Soros, but now news reports indicate that he has in fact contributed.”

If you believe J Street, it found out that one of its biggest donors was Soros from news reports. Also if you believe J Street, it’s a pro-Israel group despite its opposition to Israel and past support for Hamas.

Another signatory to the letter is Kathleen Peratis. The letter fails to note that Peratis is a founder of J Street who stirred controversy when she met with members of Hamas. “Please tell your friends that Hamas people are ordinary people,” a quote in her Forward article stated.

Peratis was also a top figure in Human Rights Watch. HRW received $100 million from Soros.

4 members of T’ruah, an anti-Israel hate group deemed so extreme that its former Israeli partner broke ties with it, also signed on including its boss, Jill Jacobs. T’ruah’s largest donors include George Soros and his Open Society Foundation. The Soros group announced T’ruah’s funding along with those of 4 CAIR chapters, Muslim Advocates and a number of VOLAGs.

CAIR has a long history of links to Hamas and its leaders have their history of anti-Semitic remarks.

Many of the signatories are members of organizations with links to the Soros Empire. Three of the signatories are from the New Israel Fund which has received funding from Soros. Three current members of the JFRE leftist group, along with Dove Kent, its former boss, signed the letter. Mark Hetfield of the pro-Islamic immigration group HIAS signed. HIAS has allegedly received funding from Soros. Jennie Rosenn of HIAS, who had called for “cautious engagement” with Hamas, also signed.

Sara Rakita works for the New York Immigration Coalition which has received money from Soros. Danielle Sered works for the Vera Institute which is funded by Soros. Krissy Roth works for Amnesty USA which is also funded by Soros. Rachel Tiven works for Lambda Legal which has taken Soros money. Ian Bassin was formerly employed by Avaaz: an anti-Israel left wing group funded by Soros.

The ubiquity of Soros cash and Sarsour petition signers shows just how interchangeable the various figures and groups in this alphabet soup of organizations really are.

Rafael Shimunov, the man behind Jews for Linda, embodies that many-faced interchangeability.

At a reading for an anti-Israel book, Rafael is identified as a member of JFRE. At a protest, he’s described as a member of If Not Now. He works for WFP and claims to be a “Jew of Color” (currently a lucrative proposition in an increasingly racist and anti-Semitic left) because his family emigrated from Uzbekistan. Every political organization that he worked for seems to have been funded by Soros.

His hashtag #JewsforLinda is largely being used by members of If Not Now, JFRE, WFP and spambots.

And that is what we are really dealing with here. Sorosworld is a network funded by a man. Its various parts are interchangeable. The names don’t really matter. It’s all Sorosworld.

There are people who live all their lives in Sorosworld. They move from one Soros group to another. Behind the various identifications is a single hateful agenda that coordinates everything.

It is an agenda that hates Jews every bit as violently as George Soros and Linda Sarsour.

Soros backs Sarsour. And so Sorosworld does too.

There are two types of people who would back an anti-Semitic bigot: those who agree with her and those who would echo Soros’ comments about his time as a Nazi collaborator during the Holocaust, “If I weren’t there of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would.”

If some of the collaborators with Islamofascism weren’t taking Soros cash, somebody else would.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism.



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