Why Women Will Never Be Equal to Men

By Jim Campbell

October 31, 2017

The liberal/socialist/progressives, don’t see it that way but it’s based upon many facts outlined in the video below.

One must wonder how the women marching back in 1971 ended up today?

Equal to men, don’t bet on it.

While women may excel in many events that men do, like becoming a fighter pilot, a mixed martial artist, and other events, for the most part, they cannot compete and never will. 

 Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS


Dear unequal women, before you write your National Organization Representative, take a moment and watch the video below.

Ironically this has never been an issue until twisted people pushed this wrong-headed concept to the forefront. 



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4 Responses to Why Women Will Never Be Equal to Men

  1. Simply Linda says:

    Good grief, I needed that smile…especially after the last 24 hours I have had…ok..my take…if the good Lord wanted me to be a man, he would of obviously made me a man/male. I have no confusion on what gender I am. All this silly talk from the left and now going into the right, is just darn right silly. I know my limits, which some women don’t. I have no illusions on what those limits are. UNFORT. with the breakdown of the family values, issues of gender have become blurred. I remember once, my dad said, “Linda, just because you are a girl, doesn’t mean you are incapable of doing things, however, you are to remember, you are a girl and there are certain limits in to which you have.” He didn’t mean it meanly, he was just telling it the way it is. I applaud any person, regardless of their gender when they excel in difficult situations, however, this gender confusion, I just can’t wrap myself around. A boy is born with …and a girl is born with… Simple biology. This nonsense because “I identify” as whatever gender I choose, its just silly and stupid. General Kelly said something a few days/weeks ago; “A woman is to be cherished and loved, that is how I was bought up”…—now you got the courts who just ruled against the transgender military ban/Trump…

    I’ll tell you, this world is going to hell in a handbasket, just my thoughts, Jim. As for women will never become equal with a man, I agree with that 100%. Why would I? A man sure can’t pass a baby, can he?(the Marine was a little cruder with that explanation, wink)– Why would the man want too? That’s the thought I will leave with. I don’t want to be “equal”, I just want to be accepted for the human being I am, period.

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  2. Pamela says:

    This disgusting liberal scheme to create a “genderless society” in America comes straight from the pits of hell! And I fear this only the beginning of the nightmare of Obama’s no hope and disastrous change unleashed:

    Miguel Alberto “Michelle” Martinez

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