From The Trump Psychopathic Derangement Ward

By Jim Campbell

October 25, 2017

Where is Robert Mueller does he have a part-time job working for the Clinton Crime Foundation?

As Ma Clinton returns home from her overseas Madam “Should-Have-Been” President book tour to a country that is finally beginning to look seriously at what the Clinton Foundation, former president Clinton, and then-Secretary of State Clinton did in the Uranium One affair.

The mudslinging and a scandal-mongering section of the Trump Psychopathic Derangement Ward have been scraping deeper and less fruitfully into their barrel lately.

The weekly festival of hysteria has sputtered down to a pathetic squeak last week with the claim by the race-baiter of the day that the president mishandled a call of condolence to the widow of a black soldier.

The combination of gifts and pledges to the Clinton Foundation by interested parties of somewhere between  $131 million and $145 million, and the approval by the secretary of state and Attorney General Eric Holder, as is required under national-security legislation, of the sale of substantial American uranium resources to Russia in 2010, are a good deal worthier of official scrutiny than is the phantasmagorical charade of Trump-Russian collusion.

And a bird is getting ready to start singing. (Music)


Seriously, there is no one on the planet good enough with PhotoShop to make her look this bad!

Had there been even a hint Donald Trump had any part in such a sequence of transactions, the press and “Resistance character-assassination squads,” would darken the air with their never ending salvos of calls of treason, and all the hot-air-balloon-brained film stars in and “Late-Night pseudo-comedians,” would be screaming like banshees.


And now it looks like, just as I have said here many times,  she’s very close to walking “The Long Green Mile,” before this political theater of the absurd is over.

The gag order on the FBI informant has been lifted. (Source)

He will testify.

As the Democratic National Committee is imploding and in shambles, we now hear Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC violated federal campaign finance law by hiding their payments for the infamous Donald Trump Dossier, as another bomb goes off in the Democrat’s dugout.

Welcome, Home Hillary……..

Welcome, Home indeed !



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3 Responses to From The Trump Psychopathic Derangement Ward

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    SO, another chapter in the Book of Corruption for the Clinton Family. The Obama connection along with Eric Holder is now becoming very clear. Remember the famous “open mic” incident Obama had with Putin when Obama stated he would have more latitude once he was re-elected? This incident is on videotape and has been played numerous times on the Internet.

    Let the indictment be made!
    Mueller must now indict his old group of friends for crimes against America. The three criminals, Hillary, Obama, and Holder need to be publically tried for their crimes as is required by the U. S. Constitution.

    Mueller should probably be charged as well but since he is the prosecutor I do not have any idea just how that might work.

    The Russian Connection has now been established and since it was Mueller and his team of Democratic lawyers who did the investigation how can any Democrat complain?

    The Grand Jury simply needs to INDICT these corrupt criminals and get on with the business of PROSECUTION of the crimes.

    AND, as is appropriate, the evidence is now in the public domain so everyone knows about the crimes.

    THEN, the DNC can pack its bags and move the Russia.


    • JCscuba says:

      No arguments here Dave, logical thinking and presentation would mean these guys need to pick the right side of the fan as the shit continues to fly!


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