The Beginning of the End of Progressive Domination?

This is so absolutely classic.

Since her unlikable lying ass was kicked to the curb last November, Hillary can’t find her face in an empty mirror as she sinks into oblivion, all the while trying to write books to remain relevant.

The little girl in the cartoon below nails her.

Big time!

The overreach of the Left’s response to Trump’s victory — and its consequences.

FrontPage Magazine

October 16, 2017

Bruce Thornton

Bruce Thornton is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

For over forty years the left has been successfully reshaping American culture.

In a negative manner.

Accompanying Music.

Social mores and government policies about sexuality, marriage, the sexes, race relations, morality, and ethics have changed radically.


The collective wisdom of the human race that we call tradition has been marginalized or discarded completely.

The role of religion in public life has been reduced to a private preference.

And politics has been increasingly driven by the assumptions of progressivism: internationalism privileged over nationalism, centralization of power over its dispersal in federalism, elitist technocracy over democratic republicanism, “human sciences” over common sense, and dependent clients over autonomous citizens.

But the election of Donald Trump, and the overreach of the left’s response to that victory suggest that we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the left’s cultural, social, and political dominance.

The two terms of Barack Obama seemed to be the crowning validation of the left’s victory.

Despite Obama’s “no blue state, no red state” campaign rhetoric, he governed as the most leftist, and ineffectual, occupant of the Oval Office in its history.

See the entire article below.


Deficits exploded, taxes were raised, new entitlements created, and government expanded far beyond the dreams of center-left Democrats.

Marriage and sex identities were redefined.

The narrative of permanent white racism was endorsed and promoted.

Tradition-minded Americans were scorned as “bitter clingers to guns and religion.”

Hollywood and Silicon Valley became even more powerful cultural arbiters and left-wing publicists.

And cosmopolitan internationalism was privileged over patriotic nationalism, while American exceptionalism was reduced to an irrational parochial prejudice.

The shocking repudiation of the establishment left’s anointed successor, Hillary Clinton, was the first sign that perhaps the hubristic left had overreached, and summoned nemesis in the form of a vulgar, braggadocios reality television star and casino developer who scorned the hypocritical rules of decorum and political correctness that even many Republicans adopted to avoid censure and calumny.

Yet rather than learning the tragic self-knowledge that Aristotle says compensates the victim of nemesis, the left overreached yet again with its outlandish, hysterical tantrums over Trump’s victory. The result has been a stark exposure of the left’s incoherence and hypocrisy so graphic and preposterous that they can no longer be ignored.

First, the now decidedly leftist Democrats refused to acknowledge their political miscalculations. Rather than admit that their party has drifted too far left beyond the beliefs of the bulk of the states’ citizens, they shifted blame onto a whole catalogue of miscreants: Russian meddling, a careerist FBI director, their own lap-dog media, endemic sexism, an out-of-date

Electoral College, FOX News, and irredeemable “deplorables” were just a few. Still high on the “permanent majority” Kool-Aid they drank during the Obama years, they pitched a fit and called it “resistance,” as though comfortably preaching to the media, university, and entertainment choirs was like fighting Nazis in occupied France. The bathos and ridiculous hyperbole of their whining exposed for all to see their rank egotism and lack of discernment and judgment.

This childish behavior came hard on the whole “snowflake” and “microagression” phenomenon in colleges and universities. Normal people watched as some of the most privileged young people in history turned their subjective slights and bathetic discontents into weapons of tyranny, shouting down or driving away speakers they didn’t like, and calling for “muscle” to enforce their assault on the First Amendment. Relentlessly repeated on FOX News and on the Drudge Report, these antics galvanized large swaths of American voters who used to be amused, but now were disgusted by such displays of rank ingratitude and arrogant dismissal of Constitutional rights. And voters could see that the Democrats encouraged and enabled this nonsense. The prestige of America’s best universities, where most of these rites of passage for the scions of the well-heeled occurred, was even more damaged than it had been in the previous decades.

So too with the world of entertainment. Badly educated actors, musicians, and entertainers, those glorified jugglers, jesters, and sword-swallowers who fancy themselves “artists,” have let loose an endless stream of dull leftwing clichés and bromides that were in their dotage fifty years ago. The spectacle of moral preening coming from the entertainment industry––one that trades in vulgarity, misogyny, sexual exploitation, the glorification of violence, and, worst of all, the production of banal, mindless movies and television shows recycling predictable plots, villains, and heroes––has disgusted millions of voters, who are sick of being lectured to by overpaid carnies. So they vote with their feet for the alternatives, while movie grosses and television ratings decline.

As for the media, their long-time habit of substituting political activism for journalism, unleashed during the Obama years, has been freed from its last restraints while covering Trump. The contrast between the “slobbering love affair,” as Bernie Goldberg described the media’s coverage of Obama, and the obsessive Javert-like hounding of Trump has stripped the last veil of objectivity from the media. They’ve been exposed as flacks no longer seeking the truth, but manufacturing partisan narratives. The long cover-up of the Weinstein scandal is further confirmation of the media’s amoral principles and selective outrage. With numerous alternatives to the activism of the mainstream media now available, the legacy media that once dominated the reporting of news and political commentary are now shrinking in influence and lashing out in fury at their diminished prestige and profits.

Two recent events have focused this turn against the sixties’ hijacking of the culture. The preposterous “protests” by NFL players disrespecting the flag during pregame ceremonies has angered large numbers of Americans and hit the League in the wallet. The race card that always has trumped every political or social conflict has perhaps lost its power. The spectacle of rich one-percenters recycling lies about police encounters with blacks and the endemic racism of American society has discredited the decades-long racial narrative constantly peddled by Democrats, movies, television shows, and school curricula from grade-school to university. The endless scolding of white people by blacks more privileged than the majority of human beings who ever existed has lost its credibility. The racial good will that got a polished mediocrity like Barack Obama twice elected president perhaps has been squandered in this attempt of rich people who play games to pose as perpetual victims. These supposed victims appear more interested in camouflaging their privilege than improving the lives of their so-called “brothers” and “sisters.”

The second is the Harvey Weinstein scandal. A lavish donor to Democrats––praised by Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, given standing ovations at awards shows by the politically correct, slavishly courted and feted by progressive actors and entertainers, and long known to be a vicious sexual predator by these same progressive “feminists” supposedly anguished by the plight of women––perhaps will become the straw that breaks the back of progressive ideology. Just as ultrasounds, Planned Parenthood’s dismemberment of babies to harvest and sell their organs, and murderous ghouls like Kermit Gosnell have turned people against abortion, perhaps the lies, cover-ups, and rationalizations of Weinstein’s creepy assaults on more than 30 women will discredit Hollywood’s pompous posing and smug virtue-signaling on the part of self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights. The spectacle of a rich feminist and progressive icon like Jane Fonda whimpering about her own moral cowardice has destroyed the credibility we foolishly gave to Hollywood’s dunces and poltroons.

So do these signs portend at last the end of the leftist “fundamental transformation” of America? Will we begin to see even more pushback, and more reforms of our cultural and social institutions?

Other signs suggest we shouldn’t start celebrating. The lefts’ demolition of the American social and political order has reached deep into our schools, popular culture, and political policies. There are 66 million Millennials, the worst-educated cohort in American history, steeped in the progressive world-view since kindergarten. The shibboleths, clichés, mythemes, and transparent lies of that world view are second nature to them, signs of intellectual sophistication and class superiority. Their favorite oracles, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube, are morphing into Big Brother censors and manipulators of information on behalf of progressives. And these Millennials are going to be around for a long time, unlike the aging Boomers, among whom are most of the last remnants of the old America.

More ominous, the progressive redistributionist entitlement state and the habits of dependence it fosters are unlikely to be reformed, even as the increasing debt to finance this “kinder, gentler” Leviathan continues to drive us toward bankruptcy. The vast wealth and physical comfort we Americans enjoy fool us into thinking that all these cultural and political pathologies are affordable, nothing to worry about as long as the shelves of Costco are full, the cat videos keep coming on Facebook and YouTube, the new CGI superhero cartoons are showing at the Cineplex, and new Silicon Valley toys continue to be available. We can keep on enjoying our bread and circuses and not think about the Goths and Vandals gathering on the horizon.

So, beginning of the end of the leftist cultural regime, or a transient, doomed resistance? One thing for sure, we have a couple of national elections coming in 2018 and 2020 that will answer that question.


About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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5 Responses to The Beginning of the End of Progressive Domination?

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Great analysis of the LEFT and their dilemma. IMO – the elections in 2018 1and 2020 will drive a spike into the heart of these progressive fools who think there is some advantage to giving away American values and money.

    From a pure financial perspective America has supported the radical countries for way too long with foreign aid and allowing our military to maintain order in these countries while spending billions of dollars every year in the form of creating an economic illusion that there is progress in these places. Simply not true, their economies grew, based on the military bases located there and the payrolls and jobs offered by American Taxpayer subsidies.

    Today, America is tired of hearing these idiots disparage America. If America cuts off all foreign aid and closes all foreign military bases then the Muslim countries will go back to the desert and kill each other while making America great again. If America cuts off all technology assistance to these ignorant Muslims then they will starve and shrink back into their nomadic lifestyle and leave America alone.

    America built the Muslim world’s infrastructure and gave them technology and trained them in the operation of the technologies. Without America’s vast assistance the Middle-East will revert back to the primitive culture it was before we allowed them to prosper.

    The same is so true of the ignorant fools in Hollywood. Just exactly how these folks came to the conclusion they are world class thinkers is a mystery that will never be solved. And YES, football players are nothing more than entertainers who perform in the coliseum in combat to amuse viewers. Rome learned the lesson the hard way and went into oblivion as a result of their attitude.

    Hopefully, America will pull the bacon out of the fire before it is too late.

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  2. NancyB says:

    Like the fires of northern California, the left has torched America with its relentless nihilism, but like a crippled arsonist, it can’t outrun the flames that it ignited. The special rights that women gained because of feminism, and political hypocrisy, are now roasting the feminists. The media high priests of Cultural Marxism are being burned out of their hiding places by their incendiary and insane rhetoric. Black athletes can’t figure out that they are protesting their own promised land and killing their golden geese. Sheer stupidity swirls like fire tornadoes.

    Millennials are impotent as individuals, but dangerous as the 1st generation of the American Borg. Their minds are melded with their phones, tablets, and video games. Their idea of serving your country is playing “Call of Duty.” They are prone to anxiety and are not maturing in normal ways. They live with their parents well past what is healthy, have trouble with human relationships, and prefer to live in a digital fog. They know little to nothing about history, recent or distant, all of which helps to explain, somewhat, why they voted for Bernie Sanders, an old, senile Soviet cartoon character.

    Millennial males are reported to be only 20-30% stronger than equal aged females. In other words, they can barely bench press a snow shovel. Are these the people we’ll count on for the security of America in the future? The left’s nihilistic fire burned out the testosterone of America’s upcoming males. The females of that generation think that because they can compete physically with American men of their age, they will do as well with all men. Delusions are now taking steroids. Identities are fractured. Narcissism has reached plague proportions.

    Yes, the left has destroyed a lot of things, and at least some of itself. The establishment left seems to be crumbling, but a new left is poised to lunge further into the Godless, inhuman void. There is little continuity of values, meaning, or purpose between the failed generation of the Baby Boomers and the arrested development of the Millennials. Our only hope may be to skip a generation and try to reach Generation Z.

    Don’t get me wrong. There is hope, but as usual it comes after great suffering — the only thing that human beings seem to learn from.

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  3. Eternal vigilencer is the price of liberty. Not one, not two, but an endless succession of primary and general election cycles, neglecting none. Due diligence or suffer the consequences.

    Goldwater was not the end of the Conservative movement and Reagan did not cement it into place. neither will Trump.

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    • NancyB says:

      We need a solid 16-year run at the Presidency, if we are to have the slightest chance of turning this country around. As much as I like the Vice President, I would urge President Trump to replace him with a Constitutional Conservative like Ted Cruz … someone that will have a good chance of winning the Presidency in 2024, and continuing the conservative ascendancy for 4-8 years, after Mr. Trump’s tumultuous 8 years is finished (and I’m hoping that it is eight years!).

      The RINOs absolutely must be replaced in Congress, and this process MUST begin, next year. To have “Republicans” like John McCain and Susan Collins, in the Senate, is a disgrace. I’m not sure that Tax Reform will get through Congress before the elections of 2018. If so, the GOP is announcing to President Trump’s base that they will not help to turn our country around. Business as usual …


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