Soviet-style “Out in the Open” Brainwashing

Should you recognize the face of the interviewer but not be able to put a name to it, he his G.Edward Griffin, Author of the book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” A second look at the Federal Reserve.

Rich Higgins ousted because he wrote a memo saying that the left was aligned with Islam.

Is political correctness replacing common sense in the Trump Administration?  Actually, he is right.

Globalists and those who prefer international governance to constitutional are repelled by the notion of national sovereignty and American interests.


Trump’s campaign refrain to “build a wall,” Higgins explains, was a clever boiling down of sovereignty to the natural need for a nation to enforce and have borders.

He says he was fired for remaining based in reality and not succumbing to the politically correct, multicultural self-delusion popular in the governing elite.

The Daily Caller News Foundation

Ginni Thomas

September 24, 2017


Trump must be aware, political correctness is every bit as diabolical as the leaks and leakers that have been coming, real or imagined from withing or his ever-adoring leftist media.

National Security adviser H.R. McMaster fired Rich Higgins, an Army veteran and former national security surrogate for Trump, on July 21 for a memo he claims captured the unprecedented cultural and ideological threats meant to undermine President Donald Trump’s governance.



When Ezra Cohen from the National Security Council was fired a week later, Higgins’ memo and the back-to-back firings sparked instant intrigue on social media.


“Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd invited McMaster to do an interview about Higgins’ firing in August, and both men called into question Higgins’ work and reputation.

Since then, Higgins reports that he has had no explanation for the transpired events, saying “I’m still waiting for Chuck Todd to give me a phone call” to explain what really happened, he says in this exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Higgins also claims that no mainstream reporter will contact him, further confirming the total corruption of the fourth estate that is deceiving the American people.

Higgins explains that what America is experiencing is far beyond any normal politics.

As a military strategic planner, the venom, vitriol and barrage of narratives directed by the media and cultural elites at a duly-elected president can be seen in an ideological light.

Higgins explains that the “nature of the president’s election informed the reaction to his assumption of power.”


“There are a lot of external influences, whether that be oil wealth from the Middle East, our own ideologically incapable folks who, you know, because they exist in the post-modernist multi-culturalist worldview, they can’t believe that an enemy really would fight you and believe he has to kill you because of his religion,” Higgins said.

He also calls on Trump supporters to have “strategic patience” with Trump, who came in as a classic counter-revolutionary.

It’s going to be a long fight, Higgins says, but he and others plan to continue it on the outside.

See the entire article below.


Losses will be inevitable because of some internal weak links and other challenges, but he tells Trump supporters to “soldier up.”

Higgins encourages more people to read more about information campaigns, ideological battles and the long-term efforts from the Frankfurt school and liberal intellectuals to use cultural Marxism subversion to subvert American exceptionalism via political turmoil and manipulation of public opinion.

For more on influence operations and ideological subversion, listen to Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, who discusses the demoralization of America that radically altered forms of government.

For more on Higgins, see view my last interview with him here.

Read the full transcript here.


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