1956 NYC Photo Shows Scene That Would Enrage Today’s Liberals

By Jim Campbell,

September 12, 2017


The progressive/socialist/Marxists of today and since the 70’s have done every thing in their power to turn America and main-stream belief system into dust.

The so-called Antifa movement is just a recent example.


Peaceful expressions of thoughts and words are protected by The First Amendment.

Riots are not.

Even a bigger problems, is that leftist legislators in the House and Senate do nothing to stop them.

It’s time that legislation be passed and signed into law that takes these crazed individuals off the street.

The above-displayed image of buildings in the New York skyline illuminating their windows with crosses for Easter has gone through several cycles of viral popularity over the years and is usually posted along with a claim that such a display would never be allowed in modern times.

The image is real and was taken shortly before Easter in 1956. One newspaper, the Oxnard Press-Courier, published the photo on 31 March 1956. (Source)



As for the claim that this form of light display would cause an uproar today, it should be noted that Oklahoma City used building windows to depict crosses during the holidays as recently as 2010:

The Empire State Building also displays festive lights during religious holidays (red, green and white for Christmas, pastel fades for Easter, blue and white for Hanukkah.


Hey, they got their dates screwed up, especially for Christmas, but what do we want, the Empire State Building is of course in New York. (Source)




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