The Encouragement of Black Racism In America: Why is the National Science Foundation Still Wasting Millions on Diversity?

As an interesting and not funny aside, I met Bunchy Carter, the Minister of Defense for the Black Panthers in the Sixties.


In college, I was a “Repo man,” and was on a stake out in the projects in Compton, CA.

The police were hassling him and those in his car.

Being a wise ass liberal at the time, I got out of the car and asked the police why they were hassling these guys.

I was told in no uncertain terms to shut up and get back in my car immediately or they would arrest me for obstructing their efforts, whatever that actually meant.?

The police eventually got out of the car, Bunchie got out of his and asked me who I was and what was with the diamond shape on my license plate?

The plates were black in the 60’s, I never had the inclination to find out what the diamond represented.


I told him I was the repo man for General Motors, he advised that they had watched me and that I seemed quite calm and cool in the ghetto.

I actually was, call it the ignorance  or arrogance of youth.

He gave me his card and told me if anybody ever hassled me to show them his card as a kind of get out of jail free token.

Two days later, he was shot dead. 

Not by the police but rival members and factions of the struggling Black Power movement. (Source)

I actually was friends with his brother, Bernie who was a janitor at G.M.

I remember asking him. Bernie?

Why are you a janitor when you have so much going for you?

I talked to him a lot while he worked, he was articulate.

He just laughed, said he was an engineer at the Douglas Aircraft Company and this was just a side job as he and his wife had purchased a new house and had their first baby on the way.

On Bunchie’s death, I tried to express my condolences to Ernie, he largely brushed them off, saying, “This had been expected, for a very long time.”

Many blacks have a choice about how they live their lives, they can die in a hail of bullets, sometimes completely out of control, or pick the role model who will lead them out of their current surroundings toward a successful life.

You can’t make this stuff up!

In another perfect example of W.A.F.T.A.M.

We now have another agency that needs oversight with a likely cut in funding for this type of absurd nonsense.

National Science Foundation (Source)


As things are going now in America, most liberal/progressive blacks rebuke the entire idea of diversity, they are still caught up with the notion that they were slaves and picked cotton. (Source)

Note any anger among the blacks from U.C.L.A. in the video.



Can we seriously believe that they are any less bitter on many other college campuses around the country?



Though there are no legitimate statistics or data to prove it one way or the other, does it seem likely that the most, racist, bigoted Halfrican, to every occupy the White House has set the tone for this generation of whiners and complainers?

If they don’t like college, drop out, and see how better their lives will be.

Unfortunately for them, the “Food Stamp and Welfare Resident,” from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., is no longer there to help them face reality.

Get over it.

There are so many great blacks in America, look to new role models, and follow their teachings and move onward to successful lives.


It’s 2017. And this sort of thing should not be happening anymore.

Millions from the National Science Foundation are being funneled into left-wing social justice work. It’s a criminal waste of money and resources. All this from the folks who claim to love science.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave out more than three million dollars to fight “implicit bias,” “microaggressions,” and “lack of diversity” in STEM fields this July.

Texas A&M, meanwhile, received $1,999,000 to fund efforts to “dramatically improve the diversity, inclusion, and quality” of students and faculty in the Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Because that’s what we need in the field. Not talent. Not merit. Diversity.

The NSF also gave out another social-justice themed grant on July 5, this time awarding the University of New Hampshire $999,752 to explore strategies for preventing “bias incidents” perpetrated against minorities in science, building upon prior research funded by the NSF, which found that “bias incidents in the academic workplace create a negative climate for STEM women faculty and for other faculty with minority status.”

See the entire article below.


Over the next five years, with the support of the NSF grant, UNH will collaborate with researchers from Ohio State University, the University of Virginia, and the University of New Hampshire to create a comprehensive “bias awareness guide and intervention tool.”

So almost a million dollars in taxpayer money will be funneled into campus intimidation.

According to the NSF website…

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 “to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…” NSF is vital because we support basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future.

As we can see above.

The director and all Board members serve six year terms. Each of them, as well as the NSF deputy director, is appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

At present, NSF has a total workforce of about 2,100 at its Arlington, VA, headquarters, including approximately 1,400 career employees, 200 scientists from research institutions on temporary duty, 450 contract workers and the staff of the NSB office and the Office of the Inspector General.

How many of those 1,400 career employees are remotely needed for what the NSF does?

The current director of the NSF is France A. Córdova.

Her original background was anthropology (a huge alarm bell) before she got a physics degree.

Obama appointed her to the Smithsonian and then the NSF. Her father is Mexican which was widely talked up in the puff pieces about her.

Once in power, she began pushing diversity aggressively thereby perverting the NSF’s scientific mission.

A “Dear Colleague” letter from Cordova dated 22 February sets a 10-year goal of “transforming [science and engineering] so that it is fully and widely inclusive.”

The question is why is she still at the NSF?

Donald Trump’s administration has asked the current director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), France Córdova, to stay on as head of the powerful fundamental research agency. Francis Collins will also remain the head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


And so millions in looted taxpayer money go to finance the politically correct abuses of the left.

Here’s Cordoba telling Congress about the NSF’s cuts.

Córdova described how NSF followed White House orders to slice the agency’s budget to levels last seen a decade ago in current dollars—and 15 years ago if inflation is factored in. The goal, she said, was to preserve “core” research programs while also throttling back on programs that had expanded rapidly in recent years.

“There isn’t another agency that just allows researchers to submit their own curiosity-driven research ideas,” she explained.

“We call that the core, and to me it means principal investigator–driven research.

And we wanted to be sure that there was still an agency on the planet that would continue to fund curiosity-driven, fundamental research.”

You can see some examples of that “research” above.





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