State officials fume after leak shows how feds planned to use armed troops

No one to my knowledge has ever suggested that Obama was clairvoyant or quick to act on anything when it didn’t benefit him or his administration and their minions.


Therefore it doesn’t take much of a leap to believe that Obama knew what was going on and more than ready with his plan of action.

What was alarming was not the idea that the U.S. suffered a cyber attack, that’s the reality in the digital world.

But the thing that was alarming was the Obama Administration hadn’t told anybody, and  [had no plans to tell anybody.]

The video below particularly the interview by Larry King of John McAffee, the originator of McAffee anti-virus software is particularly chilling has he notes a large number of cases where the U.S. current cyber-security at the the Department of “Homeland Security,” had been hacked, even by children.



Duct tape used to hold Obama’s Turbin in place provided by the  federal government, compliments of the U.S. Taxpayer.


It’s axiomatic, if you want a job done well unless it’s done by the United States Armed Forces, keep the federal government out of it.

The Washington Examiner

By Todd Shepard

July 23, 2017


An organization representing top state election officials is complaining it’s being kept in the dark by the federal government after a new report showed the Obama administration was quietly making extensive plans, including the possibility of deploying armed troops, in the case of an election day cyber attack or last-minute propaganda efforts from Russia.

Time Magazine reported on a document it obtained showing the administration’s plans, which noted that state and local governments would have the primary jurisdiction, but called for the deployment of armed troops to counter a “significant incident.”

The plan allowed for the deployment of “armed federal law enforcement agents” to polling places if hackers managed to halt voting.


It also foresaw the deployment of “Active and Reserve” military forces and members of the National Guard “upon a request from a federal agency and the direction of the Secretary of Defense or the President.”

The National Association of Secretaries of State, a nonpartisan group that encourages cooperation and information sharing between the top voting officials of the states, said they had no idea the administration was making such plans, which shows a continued lack of communication.

“Time and time again, state election officials who hold the constitutional authority to oversee the voting process have been left wondering why our federal leaders are being so opaque about their plans to help secure elections from foreign nation-state threats,” said Kay Stimson, spokesperson for NASS.

“There won’t be unlimited chances to get this right,” Stimson added.

“The feds don’t even have authority to act without the consent of state and local officials.

See the entire article below.


What is the point of gathering intelligence on foreign threats, only to withhold that information from the very people who can use it to bolster the defenses around our election systems?”

NASS feels particularly irked because it’s been through the same issue this year with the Department of Homeland Security after DHS gave the nation’s voting systems a “critical infrastructure” designation.

The full import of that designation is still unknown, as DHS hasn’t delivered to state and local voting officials their parameters of what that designation would allow them to do.

NASS issued a resolution condemning the designation, which first happened in the last days of the Obama administration, but which has been continued under the Trump administration.

Secretaries of state were taken by surprise when the Intercept published a leaked document that showed federal officials were aware of numerous attempted cyber attacks prior to election day.

“When this leak happened, I know a lot of secretaries [of state] were alarmed, I was alarmed by it,” Dunlap told the Washington Examiner in June, not long after the Intercept published their leak.












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