CNN Debuts LGBT Sports Channel


It is not the intent of this site to bash the L.G.B.T. community, but since they continually try to force their agenda upon us, we thought it would be nice to give them some additional publicity.


This community greatly overstates its numbers in order to get politicians to bow to their views. (Source)

Long and short, most of us know and have friends who are members of these communities, closeted or otherwise, and if we choose them to be our friends, what’s the problem?


It’s their desire to make legislators believe they represent around 10% of the voting populace when objective surveys show they make up closer to 3.5%. (Source)


They’re trying everything to get viewers back.



sally kohn

H/T Earl

This approach seems to target a rather narrow audience demographic.

They do feature some exciting new sports competitions, though it’s widely held that most events will only appeal to the man-hating, bull-dyke style Lebesian community.


Environment and choice play a far stronger role in predisposition than genetics if there was, “In fact a gene,” for the self -described.

This is especially true for women athletes, who are playing sports in college and are discouraged by their typically gay female coaches to not go out with guys.

Check out their twist on the classic lawn game of croquet, where players hit TWO balls instead of one. 

CNN’s own Sally Kohn is a former state champion Smacker currently vying for her first national title in the first annual Planned Parenthood/Chaz Bono Ball Buster Tournament of Champions. 
She’s also set to host her own program where she will coach aspiring Racker-Jacker-Clacker-Smackers on how to Krush Em Like Kohn.





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