Steven Kings “Dark Tower”

As a life long fan of Steven King, until some of his books started scaring the crap out of me and I chose to get into History and Politics, by watching the video below and the reviews, it’s clear he still has his game.


Should you decide to go to the movies and watch it, bring a crash helmet and a seat belt, as you will likely need both.

The movie promises to be a fast-paced wild ride.



Stephen King Has Seen Dark Tower, What Does He Think?

Asking King what he thought of the trailer, his reaction was simple.




“I thought it was fantastic.”

He elaborated, “Fans of the books are going to be delighted to finally see Roland and Jake on screen, not to mention Walter, the Man in Black.”


Expanding on that, I asked him what he thought of seeing two of our most talented actors portraying these characters that he created so long ago.

“It was great to see Idris Elba as Roland.

He has terrific focus and tremendous energy as Roland. Mathew McConaughey is very scary and very intense as Walter. I love that right away you set up the tension between the two of them.”


Kevin Burwick

The Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel recently did an interview with IGN where he revealed that Stephen King is happy with the way that the movie turned out despite it being different from his original novel.

The big screen adaptation has been in development for years and Stephen King has warned long-time fans of the book series that the movie will be different in a lot of ways, almost as if he’s trying to set the precedent, to front-load the audience, but this is the first that we have heard in regards to the author being satisfied with the long awaited The Dark Tower movie.


See the entire article below.



In the interview, Nikolaj Arcel shared that the author provided notes during the writing of the script. Arcel had this to say.

” At one point he said, “I have some notes for script.” And he sent us a hard copy of the script, with hand-written notes. He was very polite and very respectful. It was always like, “Maybe Roland doesn’t talk so much here”… he was just like the groundskeeper of the characters.”

Arcel went on to reveal exactly what Stephen King wrote to him after seeing a completed version of the movie. Arcel explains.

“After he saw the film for the first time, (King wrote to me), “This is not exactly my novel, but this is very much in the spirit and the tone. And I’m very happy.”

Fans of King’s series should be able to rest a little easier at night now that King has officially given the thumbs up for the upcoming movie.

Elsewhere in the interview Arcel mentioned that The Dark Tower is not a direct adaptation of any singular book in the series, instead it’s a “cannon continuation” of the stories contained in the series. This is the first time that fact has been officially announced and it should also be noted that Stephen King signed off on the idea of the movie adaptation taking place after the book series. Even though this should be encouraging news for just about everybody, some fans will no doubt find something to complain about.

It’s always hard taking a beloved book franchise and trying to make it work on the big screen. Often times a lot has to be taken out of a book for it to come across in a visual form and for time constraints. But the real problem is that everybody imagines something different when they’re reading a book, which is what makes reading so enjoyable to begin with. So it’s virtually impossible to please everybody, even when you sidestep the entire process of adapting one single book and blaze your own trail with the canon material.

The Dark Tower is set to hit theaters on August 4th, 2017 and stars Idris Elba as the Gunslinger, Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black, and Tom Taylor as Jake. Hopefully Arcel and crew will be able to please those long time fans with the blessing of King and especially with all the Stephen King Easter eggs that have already been teased in the upcoming movie. It’s been a long time coming and the trailers look excellent, so we’ll have to wait another 2 months for an official verdict.


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