We’ve Made The News Media A Fake News Media Template

By Jim Campbell

July 14, 2017

Not that they really needed one, but remember members of the media are part of a bell-shaped curve like the rest of us.

Some of them are so woeful they need the additional help because they just can’t  make it on their own.

It’s really that simple.

The folks who read and believe this nonsense only hear themselves as they stumble around hearing only the sounds they make in their house of mirrors.

These are the same people who avoid PDA’s in favor of:


Using measles riddled Indian blankets and wet logs to send smoke signals to the true believers among them.



Their numbers are dwindling, like rats from a sinking ship.

Again, the bell shaped-curve is put into play even among the rats some are far sharper than others.

But in the case of progressive Democrats, they are still rats, nothing more than vermin.

Big H/T to Earl for making this one to perfection.






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