General George S. Patton’s Driver: Patton’s Career in WW II

By Jim Campbell

July 12, 2017


General George S. Patton was a man of many quotes.

Among my favorites”

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”~ George S. Patton.

General George S. Patton was not an officer who lead from behind. 

When his men were in battle, he was among them. (Source)

It was during WWII that Patton hit the high point of his military career.

In 1943 he used daring assault and defense tactics to lead the 7th U.S. army to victory at the invasion of Sicily.



On D-Day in 1944, when the allies invaded Normandy, President Roosevelt granted Patton command of the 3rd U.S. Army.
Under Patton’s leadership, the 3rd Army swept across France, capturing town after town.



“Keep on advancing… whether we go over, under, or through the enemy,” Patton told his troops.

 Nicknamed “Old Blood and Guts” due to his ruthless drive and apparent lust for battle, he wrote home to his wife, “When I’m not attacking, I get bilious.

“In 1945, Patton and his army managed to cross the Rhine and charge straight into the heart of Germany, capturing 10,000 square miles of enemy territory along the course of the 10-day march, and liberating Germany from the Nazi’s in the process.

Death and Legacy In December of 1945, General George S. Patton broke his neck in a car crash near Mannheim, Germany.

There is compelling evidence, use any search engine of your choice that the General’s car crash was part of an arranged assassination plot. (Source)

He died at the hospital in Heidelberg 12 days after, on December 21, 1945. In 1947, his memoir, War as I Knew It, was published posthumously.

In 1970 the film Patton explored Patton’s complex character, which ran the gamut from seemingly ruthless to surprisingly sentimental.



The film garnered seven Academy Awards. (Entire movie here)
To this day, Patton is considered one of the most successful field commanders inTo this day, Patton is considered one of the most successful field commanders in U.S.






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One Response to General George S. Patton’s Driver: Patton’s Career in WW II

  1. Dave the Differentiator says:

    Patton was a Great General and Great Leader. Had Patton been allowed to execute his plan there would not have been any part of Germany in Russian control.

    Try to imagine that there was never a need of the so-called Cold War with Russia. All of the German scientists would have been moved to White Sands New Mexico and America would have developed its military might beyond anything ever seen before. Remember, only America had any industrial capacity at the end of WW-II.

    Patton wanted America to dominate the entire world!


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