UPDATE: The Case for Mandatory Sterilization of Complete Morons

What, you thought I made this up?


Some individuals are not emotionally or cognitively ready to become parents, I leave you with a case in point.

Perhaps the child would be raised better with all its horrors in foster care than by Kori Doty an obviously confused individual.

GENDER MUDDLE Transgender Parent Fights For Child’s ‘Non-Gendered’ Birth Certificate

Newborn baby may be the first to be registered ‘gender unknown’ because its mom insists only the tot can decide what sex it wants to be.


When John Boorman produced the movie, “Deliverance,” Crazy Joe was yet to be a twinkle in his momma’s eye.

He still is for that matter, an embarrassment to the entire Scarborough family.


A PARENT who identifies as a “non-binary trans person” is demanding their baby is given the world’s first “gender unknown” birth certificate.

Canadian Kori Doty, who has amustache and claims to be neither male or female, has fought to keep Searyl Atli’s gender off government records since giving birth last November.


Kori Doty says Canadian birth certificates should not specify gender

Kori Doty says Canadian birth certificates should not specify gender

The child already has a health card in British Columbia which does not state its gender

Gender Free ID coalition
The child already has a health card in British Columbia which does not state its gender

Doty, who prefers to be referred to as “they” rather than “he” or “she”, told CBC they are “raising Searyl in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are.”

They added: “I’m recognizing them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be the most whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

Doty is trying to get British Columbia to issue the child with a birth certificate which does not have a gender marker.

But while the Canadian province has sent the baby health cards with an “undetermined” gender, authorities have refused to issue the certificate.


And while another Canadian province, Ontario, says it is reviewing its policies to include non-binary genders, critics claim such children could be become a target for bullies or discrimination.

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal is helping Doty fight to get all government documents to accommodate non-gendered people.

Doty said: “When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life.




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I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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2 Responses to UPDATE: The Case for Mandatory Sterilization of Complete Morons

  1. JAFC says:

    I can hardly wait to watch how Family Guy handles THIS one!.

    Canada (like Scandinavia) loses its more intelligent children to the United States as soon as they’re old enough to make it.

    I wonder why…


  2. Dave the Differentiator says:

    This incident demonstrates just how far off course some folks have gone.

    The birth sex of a new born is clearly defined by their gentiles. There are known cases of new born’s with both sets of gentiles and this does present a problem.

    However, in the majority of cases the birth gentiles are the ruling factor. Of course, the person, once an adult legally, can then make the decision to have gender reassignment surgery.

    BUT, the courts are not the ones to make such a decision at birth – God does that for us all.

    The evolution of a fetus in the mother is an interesting subject and is not an issue to be controlled in the courts.


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