Why Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Loophole Threatens Liberal Academia

Why bring the Mountain to Mohammed when you can bring Mohammed to the American University that’s waiting for him with open arms?


Mr. Saul Alinsky, meet Mohammed.

American University for Muslims, U of Michigan


Come on already, the Trump Administration’s Travel Ban was to originally last a whopping six weeks.

Until the entire Muslim community, in the United States represents, 3.3 million Muslims of all ages or about 1 percent of the total U.S. population, the Pew Research Center reports. The figure is an update to Pew’s 2011 estimate of 2.75 million Muslims living in the United States.

Since the number seems up for grabs, let’s ban them all until they renounce Sharia law as it pertains to homosexuality, marriage, female genital mutilation, infidelity, praying in our streets. 

If the don’t like it send them back to their country of historical origin.

Since that is not going to happen is that, “Now boarding Baghdad Air Lines I’m now hearing?

The problem was that people seeking refuge status came from three Muslim Countries, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia with no functioning government to assure those wanting to come to the U.S. had been properly vetted.

Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it tell us that the federal government must admit anyone, no matter their race color and creed.


The Islamic American University Above at the University of Michigan.


Susan Swift,

June 27, 2017


In the wake of the Supreme Court‘s ruling partially reinstating Trump’s travel ban until its full review in October,  the high court created a potential loophole:

 A credible claim of a bona fide relationship to the United States can defeat the Government’s compelling need for national security.  

The Supreme Court cautioned that someone who enters into a relationship simply to avoid the travel ban would not qualify:  “For example, a nonprofit group devoted to immigration issues may not contact foreign nationals from the designated countries, add them to client lists, and then secure their entry by claiming injury from their exclusion.”

 (Ok, you nonprofits, you’ve been warned, so listen up on how to do it right.)

So who has a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States that would give rise to protection from the travel ban?

  • A foreign national with a “close familial relationship” such as a spouse or mother-in-law;
  • “students from the designated countries who have been admitted to (an American university”)
  • “a worker who accepted an offer of employment from an American company”;
  • “a lecturer invited to address an American audience”;
  • “[a]s for entities, the relationship must be formal, documented, and formed in the ordinary course, rather than for the purpose of evading [the ban].”


See entire article below.


The Left now has the legal parameters it needs to effectively defeat executive orders preventing entry of foreign nationals into the United States.  And rest assured the Left will use these guidelines in any upcoming immigration battle as well. Just imagine what will happen when the Left gets creative.

In addition to marriage, a foreign national affected by the travel ban can still become a student accepted at an American university, can get a job from any American company, or can just become a “lecturer” invited to speak to any American audience.  Did you catch that?  If you live in Yemen and are accepted to any American university, then BAM!  You’re in; your extended family is in; anyone you invite as a lecturer is in.  What a great deal!  Then, just form an American company online and your “employees” can come too.  So what happens when someone gets the clever idea to fabricate their own universities or companies as loophole gateways to the New American Dream?  Let’s speculate:

The Islamic American University is already a real thing, as is the Islamic Studies Program at Michigan University.    Consider when the ultra-devout Muslims create their own American-based online universities as platforms for establishing bona fide relationships for like-minded extremists to escape future travel bans.  Suddenly the wide world of made-up college courses can be stretched beyond credulity. You thought a major in underwater basket weaving was a joke? Just think of all the new neat classes you could take! PLUS you’re getting a free pass into the United States!

For your degree in Extremist Art, you’ll take courses on things like Advanced Burqua and Hijab Embroidery, a Practical Seminar on Qu’ran Calligraphy, and The Beauty of Iconoclasm.

For your History Major, take classes such as History of the Glorious Ottoman Empire, The Fall and Coming Rise of the Caliphate, and Ongoing Revenge for the Crusades.

If you’re working towards a Business degree, take more practical classes like Beat Your Wife and Blow up Buildings 101, Outbreeding the Infidel and Why Mormons are the Only Real Threat, and Luscious Mustaches and Fabulous Hats: Entrepreneurship for the Aspiring Dictator.

For more ambitious students, take the LSAT and get admitted to the National Sharia Law School.  Or take the MCAT and get into The Anti-Medical-Advancements Medical School and learn proper techniques to mutilate women.

And can you imagine the coursework for such majors as Women and Gender Studies? It goes without saying that women won’t be allowed in as students, but it’s ok because they’ll get to come over to the United States as wives and mothers-in-law.

Then, after you’ve brought over a full set of faculty and staff, you can start employing janitors from Somalia and secretaries from Iran, and your university is fully operational.

All joking aside, let’s be serious for a moment.  The irony of the Left’s lock on higher education and use of the law to frustrate the Constitution is about to get real.  What happens when the best, most effective avenue for Extremist Muslim Infiltration becomes the Ivory Tower of American Academia?

Suddenly, we have the ultimate in reactive 6th-century-oppresion ultra-radicals of Islam jumping into the American university system, overwhelming the once-hallowed halls of Liberal Indoctrination.  The Left’s chokehold on Education might be broken at last.  American Christians and Conservatives have always been too timid and tolerant to stand up to Liberal Bias in colleges.  Our kids have been going away for school and coming back as pro-LGBT, Pro-Climate Cultism, Pro-Socialism, Pro-Open Borders, Pro-Relativism, Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalism Bleeding-Heart-Liberals for decades, and yet no one has made any meaningful resistance.  All of our energy has been squandered in masturbatory echo-chambers and choir-preaching.  We haven’t figured out how to convert our righteous indignation into effective political action, maybe because we’re too scared that it will require too much of us.

But do you know who IS willing to sacrifice their lives for their beliefs?  The men and women of Extremist Islam.  And do you think for one minute that they’re going to tolerate the Modernist/Feminist/Communist/Social Engineering that has come to characterize higher education in this country?  Nope, Nope and Nope.  As the university system becomes flooded with devout Muslim Foreign Nationals as a loophole for the travel bans and immigration controls,  they will quickly make the system their own.  Just imagine when, instead of coming home from college as Liberals, your kids come home from college as Muslims.






About JCscuba

I am firmly devoted to bringing you the truth and the stories that the mainstream media ignores. Together we can restore our constitutional republic to what the founding fathers envisioned and fight back against the progressive movement. Obama nearly destroyed our country economically, militarily coupled with his racism he set us further on the march to becoming a Socialist State. Now it's up to President Trump to restore America to prominence. Republicans who refuse to go along with most of his agenda RINOs must be forced to walk the plank, they are RINOs and little else.
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2 Responses to Why Supreme Court’s Travel Ban Loophole Threatens Liberal Academia

  1. GG says:

    I agree with the assement above. Any first thought after yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling was that it still leaves a loophole to be abused, and it most certainly will be, by the rug riders to enter the USA.. While Tv news and pundits
    cheer the 9-0 ruling as a major victory for DJT,
    and It is if you don’t use the full measure of the ruler, WHY was this left hanging..
    Imagine it was to get the Commmunist roads sitting on the SCOTUS to support it..
    Laura Ingram was in Fox & Friends this morning pointing out the fact this is NOT a win/win for the Pres.. Ingram really lays the truth on the Muslim country temp ban ruling:



  2. Pamela says:

    Wherever Islam dominates, the people are slaves. The long suffering Iranian people know this better than most, and yet, we have self-centered western politicians like Obama catering to the whims of the slave-holding mullahs! I was recently reading about the strong connection between Islam and slavery in world history over the centuries and what happened then is happening now.
    History certainly does repeat itself, the only difference is, people who lived in centuries past saw Islam as the great evil that it is, and fought back against their oppressors, eventually ridding western Europe of its diabolical influence and restoring the Christian West. Now, we have the very same nations-like France and England-which have forsaken their Judeo-Christian heritage for socialist-engineered, political correctness and multiculturalism, coupled with the inferior wisdom of man, and the results are disastrous.

    I believe President Trump is aware of this and is really trying, despite the fierce opposition he faces, to curb the influence of Islam in America. Unlike his predecessors, he is not hosting a traditional Ramadan dinner at the White House this year. He instead sent the national Muslim community a cordial greeting for their holiday. He is also reported to have removed all the Islamic symbols from the White House which Obama had installed, and he has succeeded for now, to stop Muslims coming here from countries known to harbor and support and/or train terrorists.

    Thank God the United States Supreme Court stopped listening to the “Trump hates all Muslims” rhetoric and wisely choose to uphold the ban.
    The next step I believe President Trump should take is to ban all legislation promoting Sharia courts in America. The only court system allowed here should be based solely on traditional American justice, nothing else!

    Furthermore, if Muslims immigrants coming here have a hard time accepting or adapting to American culture and therefore are said to be wrongly discriminated against by non-Muslims, as Muslim Congressman/Islam apologist Keith Ellison was recently complaining, (or most likely exaggerating about) then, they should either learn to live here and accept our way of life, or leave! No one twisted their arm or forced them to come here, they chose to come here!

    Yet here in lies the very heart of the problem: A true son or daughter of Allah, cannot, by the dictates of their religion, pledge their allegiance to any other nation except the Ummah,(Islamic caliphate) and they cannot adhere to any other type of constitution or set of laws except Sharia.

    Since many Americans, myself included, will never bow their knees in homage to their god nor abide by the draconian set of laws which dictates their lives from cradle to grave, they’re better off going back to wherever they came from in the first place. And they can take Mr. Ellison and the rest of the Islam apologists in Washington and the news media with them!


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