UPDATE: Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary Clinton

Finally, reason prevails.


She has testified far too many times with no results and just walked away thumbing her nose at our system of justice.

It’s time for the jury at a local bar in Arkansas to render a verdict.

Once rendered it will be carried out immediately.

Bring out the Clydesdales Hilda won’t be that easy to pull apart.



Drawing and quartering were the original punishment for treason during the time of war.(Source)



The WashingtonTimes

June 21, 2017

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton escaped criminal charges last year but her legal troubles may not be over — the Arkansas state bar has promised a decision by next month on disciplinary action.

And the State Department continues to probe Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, with an eye toward deciding whether she and several top aides should maintain their access to classified information at the State Department.

“The department’s investigation is ongoing,” officials said in a letter to Sen. Charles E. Grassley, which the Iowa Republican released earlier this month.


The department said Mrs. Clinton still has access to documents created or reviewed during her time in office.

Meanwhile, some seven aides have access to limited classified information, the Department confirmed.

It said their access is also under review.


Mrs. Clinton sent and received thousands of emails with the material now deemed classified, including some with top secret information, from a secret account she maintained on a server she kept at her home in New York.

The FBI probed her email use but declined to suggest charges against her.

Then-FBI Director James B. Comey said she was too inept with technology for him to prove she knowingly put national security at risk.

But of course!




4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Arkansas bar to decide on potential discipline against Hillary Clinton

  1. Hey, Hillary is dead.

    Look at her pictures and you can see the body doubles are very evident.

    Hillary Clinton Reported Dead in a Bronx Hospital?

    Google Hillary is dead!


  2. Be great. And Obammagasm next LOL. Thats what Hanity called him today.


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