UPDATE: Bernie Sanders Supporters shoots Republican Congressman

Oddly, a park would typically be a no gun zone just like most schools.
Had the Congressman’s detail not been armed, it’s likely far more people would have been injured or died.
This, of course, is a concept that the anti-Second Amendment fools on the left seem incapable of grasping.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among five people wounded Wednesday morning when a rifle-wielding gunman opened fire during a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Republican lawmaker was standing at second base when he was hit in the left hip amid a flurry of bullets, witnesses said.

After dragging himself to safety and getting help from his GOP colleagues caught in the chaos, Scalise was transported to MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C.

Far be it for me to play God and suggest that the nation would be better served had a progressive democrat taken the hot lead.

Had this been the case and continually repeated, the vermin who are continually trying to bring the Trump administration down might begin taking note.

It’s safe to suggest that this horrific story will have no legs, as it doesn’t fit the narrative of the leftist media and the progressives in our country.

Dem. nut job kills shoots Republicans? 

If they care at all they would likely be hoping that a Republican shot up a bunch of Democrats.


Hodgkinson had no military training. Even a novice with a rifle could shoot people on second base.



One thing about this whole shooting yesterday is how mostthe politicians intervied, are reacting as if they survived the Orlando nightclub shootingor other terrorist attacks.

Another point has to do with how they think their situation is unique and ignore the fact that this is happening to many average folks.

Perhaps the Democrats must begin living in the actual their lawless run down ghettos they have created in with their failed legislation.

The most likely reason along with those above is they know they have no chance of their bills being passed to create an ever more bloated government.

They know with Donald J. Trump as our president and apparently not theirs it‘s likely any legislation they send to him will be vetoed.

Having nothing better to do they waste our tax dollars trying to bring his administration down.

That’s not going to happen.


Washington Times

June 14, 2017


Mr. Hodgkinson had volunteered for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, and the same Facebook page included comments supportive Democratic socialism — Mr. Sanders’ campaign philosophy. The page was later taken offline.

The page was later taken offline.

Mr. Sanders said he was “sickened by this despicable act.”

In 2012, Mr. Hodgkinson wrote a series of letters to the editor that were published in the Belleville News-Democrat. In the letters, he railed against Republicans and income inequality and voiced support for tax reform.

Authorities in the D.C. area gave no indication they had any previous run-ins with the suspected gunman. Mr. Hodgkinson’s wife told ABC News that her husband had lived in Alexandria for the past two months but had been expected to return home to Illinois in the coming days.

However, authorities in his home state of Illinois were familiar with Mr. Hodgkinson, having responded to his home numerous times over the last decade.

Deputies responded multiple times to his home to take complaints of damage to his yard, but a sheriff’s report from a decade ago indicates that Mr. Hodgkinson was arrested and charged with domestic battery and aggravated discharge of a firearm for a domestic assault during which he was accused of firing a shotgun at a man.


See the entire article below.


The 2006 report states Mr. Hodgkinson went to a neighbor’s home to retrieve his daughter, and struck a man who intervened in the head with the wooden stock of his shotgun. When the man turned to run, the report states Mr. Hodgkinson fired once, though it was unclear if he had aimed at the man or in the air. Mr. Hodgkinson then entered the home and fought physically with his daughter as he attempted to get her out of the house. He left the area and went back to his own own before deputies arrived on the scene.

St. Clair County court records indicate the charges were later dismissed.

Sheriff’s reports indicate that deputies last run-in with Mr. Hodgkinson was in March of this year. Deputies responded to Mr. Hodgkinson’s home after a neigh

bor reported hearing approximately 50 gunshots come from the property.

William Schaumelffel, the neighbor who called police, told The Washington Times he had been outside with his grandchildren when he was startled by a series of loud gunshots. Scanning the farmland surrounding his property, he couldn’t immediately tell where the shots were coming from.

“There is a grove of white pines trees and he stepped out of there and I could see he had a gun he shouldered,” Mr. Schaumelffel said. “He pointed it, it wasn’t at us or the house, and he wound off about six rounds.”

Mr. Schaumelffel said he yelled at his neighbor, who was more than 200 yards away, to knock it off. He got no response and called the sheriff’s department when Mr. Hodgkinson kept firing.

“It was too much gun to be firing around the area because of the houses around,” he said.

Deputies said they spoke with Mr. Hodgkinson, who had an Illinois firearms owners identification card, and advised him not to discharge his firearm in the area. The report does not indicate what kind of firearm Mr. Hodgkinson had in his possession.

Despite living near Mr. Hodgkinson for at least two decades, it was the only notable interaction Mr. Schaumelffel recalled having with the man.




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