Conservatives torch Comey’s credibility ahead of Senate hearing

McClatchey is a credible news service as is Gluck a credible reporter.


I’m stuck with an uneasy feeling that Trump operatives on in full operational mode to further sully the already damaged reputation of the former F.B.I Director.

Will this appear that Team Trump is trying to keep him from testifying or if he does make it seem even more without merit?

Then, of course, we had the Democrat’s blaming Comey for reopening Hillary’s case just prior to the election with her blaming him as well.

Fasten your seat belts, buckle up your crash helmets, we will know shortly.

Seriously, Credibility, none, zero?

The leftist media now has fresh red meat to lash their teeth upon as the further attempt to discredit our President.



See the entire article below.






3 thoughts on “Conservatives torch Comey’s credibility ahead of Senate hearing

  1. I think, jmo, that Trump is going to let them hang themselves (no pun)–have you noticed that? People who have spoken out or did this or that have been discredited…especially the dems who just want to run their mouths…same with the rinos—folks know what is going on…and look at the snowflake movement…just saying.


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