Designer viruses may help fight cancer

Not to be a naysayer, but all of this “New Hype,” deserves perspective.


Those involved in the fight against cancer(s), research oncologists and immunologists, as well as those physicians conducting research at their clinics or hospitals, know only too well, that immunotherapy for various cancers has been going on for years.

In an article published over two years ago, ‘Immunotherapy: the big new hope for cancer treatment.” (Source)

All we can do is hope their efforts will be helpful, if not curing then slowing the progression of the dread disease.

Which brings me to the punch line, the media need not continue to pump out fake news but churn out old articles in the hopes that no one will actually notice.

This is very cruel to cancer patients and must be exposed.


‘FDA fast-tracks treatment that uses polio virus to fight brain cancer.”


The Food and Drug Administration has given so-called “breakthrough” status to a treatment that uses the once-feared polio virus to target aggressive forms of brain cancer, in the hope of speeding it to market.

The therapy, developed at Duke University, hopes to use the virus’ debilitating properties to help fight cancer instead of harming its host, CBS News reported Thursday.

The experimental treatment was the brainchild of molecular biologist at Duke University, Matthias Gromeier.

In fact the FDA has approved the use of Gromeier’s treatment. (Source)

Since cancer cells are recognized by the human immune system as “Non-Self,” meaning they have antigens on them that distinguish them from normal cells.



Said another way, it’s likely we all have circulating cancer cells roaming around our bodies that are handled and by a healthy immune system.

Stimulating the immune system, will hopefully one day, work and become a standard along with other modalities in managing patients with cancer.

Below, a human T-cell. The body’s defenses usually attack viruses; immunotherapy helps the T-cells to treat cancer cells in the same way. Photograph: Alamy


By removing a certain genetic sequence and replacing it with material from the common cold virus, the polio would not be able to cause the incapacitating symptoms that once afflicted President Franklin D. Roosevelt and numerous others because it would be unable to reproduce in normal cells.

However, the altered version of polio could still reproduce in cancer cells—therefore making the cancer susceptible to Lipscomb’s and other patients’ immune systems.

“All human cancers … develop a shield of protective measures that make them invisible to this immune system,” Gromeier told CBS. “By infecting the tumor, we are actually removing this protective shield and enabling the immune system to attack.”

While the altered poliovirus initiates the fight against the cancer cells, its ability to alert the immune system to the trouble is what often finishes off the virus, the network reported.




Researchers develop human-derived antibody that appears to destroy cancer cells

Researchers use skin cells to kill cancer

7-year-old who grew hair for cancer patients’ wigs diagnosed with stage 4 cancer

A woman once afflicted with an aggressive form of brain cancer who used the treatment saw her virus all but disappear three years after she became the first volunteer in the study.

As a 20-year-old student in 2011, Stephanie Lipscomb was diagnosed as having a glioblastoma, a type of malignant tumor, in her brain, the network reported.

She had complained of headaches prior to the diagnosis.

Her doctor told her the tumor had grown to the size of a tennis ball and that she only had a few months to live.

Lipscomb then had 98 percent of the cancerous tumor removed.

But by 2012, the cancer had returned.

With no other treatment options available, Lipscomb decided to volunteer for Duke’s experiment.

For 21 months after Lipscomb began participating, her glioblastoma shrank until it was gone.

In August 2014, three years after her initial diagnosis, an MRI showed no active cancer cells in Lipscomb’s body.

We can only hope that one day this will not be an amazing finding,

Click for more from CBS News.





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