As The Media Eagerly Awaits Their Daily Talking Points

By Jim Campbell

 May 16, 2017


It’s becoming more difficult each day to come up with an article that isn’t made up garbage.

 Calling what these overpaid fools churn out daily, “Fake News,” has become so passé.

For a time, I began referring to them as “America’s Leftist-Media,” now let’s begin calling them what they are, “Leftist Whores.”

How long has this been going on? Likely forever.

Those who were around during the evening of Uncle Walter’s nightly propaganda fests about the Vietnam War now know that he was just another useful tool of a government willing to spill blood, but not willing to win.



The slow painful death of the truth.

The general public truly lives in two separate worlds.

We have the world of the mainstream media, popular culture, and political rhetoric; a world which constantly and desperately seeks to twist or destroy any legitimate measure of reality, leading people into a frenzied fog.

Then, we have the world of concrete facts; an ugly, brutal world that upsets many people when they see it and leaves them with little more than the hope that the most innovative of us will perhaps reverse the disastrous course, or at least, survive to carry on a meaningful level of civilization.


The sad thing is, if a majority of the population studied and accepted the world of fact, then preparation and intelligent or aggressive action might negate any destructive outcome.

Reality only grows more ugly because we continue to ignore it.

Have you ever come to a logical or practical conclusion in response to a national or global problem and waited in vain to hear it represented in the mainstream?

Have you ever thought — if I can figure this out, why can’t they?

And by “they,” I mean the people most commonly offered a mainstream platform.

 This includes so-called “professional journalists,” political leaders, mainstream economists, highly paid “analysts,” etc.
Well, I think more and more Americans, in particular, are finally considering the notion that these “professionals” are either not very smart, or they have an agenda that seeks to perpetuate the problem rather than fix the problem.
Yes, the intellectual class, the longtime gatekeepers of public thought and consent, are actually mostly morons and/or liars with a terrible purpose in mind.
I understand that this does not come as a surprise to many of my readers, but remember, the masses are still trapped in a stupefying fog.
In the loop below it is clear that there are few original thoughts.

See the entire article below.



The Healthcare Bill Debacle: If you happen to take note of stock market reactions to legislative events, you may have observed that equities recently suffered a swift sidekick to the solar plexus (read the section on stocks below as to why this matters little).

This is, according to the mainstream, due to the failure of the Trump administration’s Obamacare repeal efforts.

The first assumption here is that stock markets exploded higher after Trump’s election win purely because the investment world was placing bets that Trump would ram through tax cuts and pro-business legislation within his first year.

The second assumption is that because Trump’s first piece of major legislation, the repeal of Obamacare, has failed, he will not be able to achieve any of his other stated goals, including tax cuts.

Russian Hackers And Political Influence: This narrative just refuses to die, and the only point I can see to it so far is that it is a way for establishment elites to keep the political left constantly agitated.

The left becomes more and more insane in their rhetoric and behavior exactly because the mainstream continues to perpetuate the rationale that Trump is “not really president.”

Think about it, the left was already hurtling towards the madness of full-blown communism, but in order to reach a crescendo of schizophrenic violence, they need a little more psychological justification.

If they can be convinced that Trump is now a “Russian agent,” they have all the justification they need to take their mob actions to the next level.





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3 Responses to As The Media Eagerly Awaits Their Daily Talking Points

  1. Simply Linda says:

    …as we have been discussing this subject here at home…the deep state has really opened a Pandora’s box with this leaking info, the news media and so on. Always wanting to keep the people down…however, I think they have played their cards way to soon, friend. People in general are very weary of the media…and it only goes to show how really deep it goes. Just saying. Draining the Swamp will never truly be done as long as the Rothchilds and alike are in control (or whoever the Deep State is, no one knows who/whom it is). I shudder at the thought what the forefathers are thinking at this point and time…and how we the people have allowed it to happen.


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