The Impossible Dream: Nancy Pelosi visits Dalai Lama, he prays to rid her of ‘negative attitudes’

The only way to rid Pelosi of evil is to pound a stake into her heart, put her in a concrete burial vault and drop her into the Marianas Trench.


Once again she is clueless about the big picture.

The Trump administration is trying to get China to put the thumb on the “Crazy Fat Boy.” to avert a war that will kill millions and could possibly go nuclear.

For its part, the  Chinese leadership believes the Dali Lama to be a poser using religion to deliver his message.


While starving his subjects, Un is clearly pissed that he can’t eat an AK-47


Predictably, the ever-clueless Pelosi having no understanding about the big picture and the U.S. need for China to put pressure on UN she took here delegation.

Personally, I would be happy to help him pull the trigger while haveing this song translated for him into North Korean as we bring freedom to the entire Korean Peninsula. (Song Here)


Why the Chinese government has no use for the Dali Lama and Tibet they hate him




The Mariana or Marianas Trench is the deepest place in the ocean.

In 2016, a NOAA expedition examined the trench and took some fantastic photos and videos of its inhabitants.

In 2016, a NOAA expedition examined the trench and took some fantastic photos and videos of its inhabitants.

The Mariana Trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean to the east of the Mariana Islands, which are in turn located to the east of the Philippines.

The islands include Guam, a U.S. territory.

Very strange creatures have been discovered there, Pelosi and her progressive friends will feel right at home.

The NOAA expedition’s headquarters was the Okeanos Explorer, a converted navy ship.

The trench was explored by a remotely operated vehicle, which was controlled by scientists on the ship. Guam serves as the port for the Okeanos Explorer. (Source)


Getting back to the “Fat Boy.” The only reason the North Korean Soldier is saying what is depicted in the image below is that he fully understands, the UN would shoot him and eat him is he remained silent.



The rest of the progressives who wasted taxpayer money will, of course, be buried with her.

Bummer for the Dali Lama his prayers won’t be answered.

It’s important she is put out of her misery as she said, since Hillary didn’t win, she has no plans to retire.






In other words, this is known as a junket at taxpayers expense. It is curious that Nancy chose the Dalai Lama to heal her wounds.

Once more she rambles along, but anyway, Northern India can be nice this time of year.


If there’s anyone on earth who can heal Nancy Pelosi’s bitterness and “negative attitudes,” it might be the Dalai Lama.

Don’t bet your lunch money on it. 

Pelosi is terminally negative and evil.


During a Congressional visit to Dharamsala, North India, on Tuesday, the House Minority Leader admitted the Dalai Lama was praying for her to rid herself of her negativity.

The most curious part of her speech came when Pelosi said she wouldn’t delve into the “brutal tactics of the Chinese government,” which rules Tibet.

Her reason?

“His Holiness prayed for me that I would rid myself of my negative attitude about dwelling on the negative too much,” Pelosi confessed to the crowd.

The California politician has called herself “a devout, practicing Catholic,” yet her staunch pro-choice position on abortion stands in opposition to the church.

It remains to be seen if the Dalai Lama’s supplication on Pelosi’s behalf has indeed done the trick.


H/T: The Blaze





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4 Responses to The Impossible Dream: Nancy Pelosi visits Dalai Lama, he prays to rid her of ‘negative attitudes’

  1. Simply Linda says:

    ugh…cant she just go away…is that too much to ask?


    • JCscuba says:

      There is a line forming to do just that. It has been across the U.S three times. You know me, so you and the Marine get front row seats.


  2. Dave the Differentiat says:

    Nancy Pelosi is a study in contradictions. Obama Care is one example of her utter stupidity.

    Just how the folks in California allow this type of idiot to represent them is amazing. Pelosi is a clear and present danger to America and the need to replace her is great.

    The Democrats have gone off the deep end and are no longer a rational m group of people.


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