Special Forces are being worked too hard and spread too thin, military commander warns

Deployed on every continent, operating in remote areas under spartan conditions, with a tenuous radio link their only connection to higher headquarters, small detachments of U.S. forces are training their allies to defend themselves against dangerous insurgents. 

Often they are the sole American military presence in a nation, every day making tough decisions in unheard-of situations, with no one looking over their shoulders.

They volunteered for this duty because they prefer the challenge of working in an austere, uncertain and unstructured environment.

The Army’s Special Forces, known popularly in their beginning, as the Green Berets, are specially selected and trained.

They are America’s main weapon for waging unconventional warfare in an age when conventional conflicts have become increasingly rare.

In the future as in the past, U.S. Special Forces will be called upon to conduct critical missions in the face of overwhelming odds.

It is a task they can look forward to with confidence because the tradition of Army Special Forces is one of excellence.

It is because of this record that the modern-day Special Forces remain devoted to their Latin motto, De Oppresso Liber – To Free the Oppressed. (Source)


Miami Herald

May 05, 2017




See the entire article below.





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